Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conservative Quote of the Day

"When the "rich" have more money to spend, they spend more money, thus employing and making more prosperous the people at the lower end of the economic ladder. It then follows that if the "rich" are overly taxed, the less money they have to spend, and consequently the less money there will be for the people at the lower end of the economic ladder". (ECONOMICS 101)
Submitted by Chuck Lehmann

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Joe Cockcroft said...

Remember a few years ago when the government tried to "punish the rich" by instituting a luxury tax on items selling for $30,00 or more?
Well, what happened? The "rich" stopped buying "luxury" products and many companies went out of business for lack of business and many thousands of workers became unemployed as a result. They had to rescind this terrible piece of legislation. The same is going to happen under the fist of Obama and his thugs from Chicago. By instituting European-style socialism in our country, he is going to transform our country into a Third World society with rationed health care and confiscatory taxes on everyone, not just the rich. Are we stuck on stupid? I hope not!

Joe Cockcroft

Anonymous said...

Yes and that's exactly what Obama wants - to put all companies under government control. They have their hand in our pockets but they want it in our pants too now.

kathy seifert

Anonymous said...

We're finished as a free country if the health care bill goes through. We're close already. He says it won't cost us a dime more. that means he's just moving things a round. Like cutting off the Millitary & Seniors. But it will cost above that "change." I say deport the traitor to a communist country! i don't really want my comments annoymous.

Kathy Seifert