Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama and Health Care

Weren’t you guys in awe with Obama’s speech on health care?

The best moment had to be Wilson’s cry of “You lie.” Now our interim senator (Senator What’s His Name While Waiting for Crist) and John McCain are upset that someone had the balls to call him out. One of the best quotes I heard from someone was “It’s not that Obama is a liar, it’s that he seldom delves into veracity.”

Obama wants us to believe him when he claims that he can add 30-47 million people to the insurance rolls and not add “one dime” to the deficit. That would be quite an accomplishment. I guess the Congressional Budget Office as well as most independent economists should also be censured for disagreeing with the Anointed One.

Our local rag, the St. Pete Times, even had the stupidity to say the cash for clunkers program should be a model of efficiency that would carry over to the health care issue. But you do the math. 690,000 new cars were sold – mostly Japanese and Korean. The taxpayer cost of this program was $3 billion: $1.22 billion went to the dealers and $1.36 billion for government administration costs. That’s right: the efficient government added more money in administrative costs than went to the dealers in the program.
Written by Jim Pirretti

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Patrick said...

Instead of limited Government & maximized Liberty, Obama suggested empowered government & diminished liberty. A Marxist Dream!

James said...

Hey Chuck, have you ever mentioned to Jake that if Obama’s health care reform is passed he will no longer get his Humana Gold for “free”? I am on Humana Gold right now and they have sent letters to all subscribers warning us that “some in Washington want to cut billions of dollars out of the Medicare Advantage Program.”

Kirk said...

Yes, Joe Wilson showed a Backbone. Something few Republicans have shown since the "O" Great one was elected. Of course Wilson will be called a Racist. Someone has to take one for the Team (USA)and fight back.