Sunday, February 11, 2018

The “Collusion Delusion”

After over a year of investigating Pres. Trump for collusion with the Russians, nothing has been found to justify the narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians (zero, nada, nil). During the past year three members of the Obama security team, John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey, all said that they found no evidence that during the presidential campaign, and during the transition, that the Trump people or Trump colluded with the Russians. When Trump won the election (against all odds), the cry of the astounded Democrats was that it was impossible that Trump, a political neophyte, should've or could've won the election fair and square. They came up with the phony charge that the Trump team must have colluded with the Russians in efforts to undermine the Clinton campaign. There was no proof then, only assumptions, and there has been no proof now, even after one year, that the Russians colluded with Trump. The whole thing is a “collusion delusion”.

It seems that the Democrats and the “Never-Trumpers” (including some disgruntled Republicans), are throwing anything up against the wall hoping that something negative about Trump and his administration will stick, and which might then lead to his impeachment or resignation from office.

The only Russian collusion was not perpetrated by Trump, it was really perpetrated by Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Starting with the ridiculous “reset” button that Clinton used as a P.R. stunt with the Russians; the comment made to the Russian president by Pres. Obama, that after his re-election (in 2012) he would have more flexibility in dealing with the Russians; the signing off on the Uranium One deal by Hillary and Obama's other cronies, which turned over 20% of our uranium deposits to the Russians; to the fact that her husband, former president Bill Clinton, got a $500,000 speaking fee, around the time of the Uranium One deal, by a Russian bank with ties to the Kremlin, in addition to a $140 million donation to the Clinton Foundation; to the total indifference of the Obama Administration to the Russian expansion in Ukraine and the financing and the encouraging of anti-Ukraine rebels; and finally, with the payment of $12 million to the Fusion GPS group, with ties to Russian operatives, by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to get salacious and negative information against Trump. These actions show that the real Russian collusion was not with Pres. Trump, but with the Obama Administration, the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Pres. Trump has called the whole Mueller investigation a “witch hunt”, and it looks like he was correct that this whole collusion scenario was a “put-up job” by Trump's enemies to undermine his administration, including high ranking officials in the Obama Justice Department and the FBI, two agencies that were supposed to be non-partisan and above the fray.

Now that the Trump-Russian collusion scam has turned out to be just that, the Democrats and the “Never-Trumpers” have latched onto the claim of a lack of mental capacity of Pres. Trump. It seems nothing will satisfy their addiction to bringing down Pres. Trump at any cost. The truth be damned.

Finally, the Justice Department. has started to re-open the investigation of the real scandals that have its roots in the “Washington Swamp”, the crimes committed by the Clinton's and Clinton flunky's in the government whose main job this past year was the undermining of the Trump Administration. Let's hope the Republicans do not get cold feet and that they continue to root out the “deep state” operatives that have caused so much division in our our government and in the politics of the country.

The “Collusion Delusion” hopefully will pass against Pres. Trump and will show that the real collusion with the Russians was between the Obama Administration, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Bill Schiller said...

Isn't it ironic that the chant by the Democrats and the main stream media that Trump was involved in collusion with the Russians has turned up nothing, but it has shown that it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC who were the actual colluders with the Russians, not Trump? Imagine wasting all that money chasing the other person's tail, but winding up chasing its own tail? What a disgrace and pathetic response by the Democrats, out of their pique at losing the election, that they would stoop to trying to undo that election by using nefarious means. SHAME !