Thursday, February 8, 2018

Being an American is What You Contribute to Becoming One; Not How Much You Can Squeeze Out of It

Democrats a.k.a. sleeper socialists, have a myopic deficiency
differentiating their view between legal and illegal.
Perhaps I can offer some assistance so that they may not look
so ignorant when presenting their case about DACA/Dreamers
and any other immigration discrepancies.

If a person has a savings or checking account in a bank, he or
she is legally able to make a withdrawal, depending on how much
money was deposited.

If a stranger goes to the same bank and takes money from it at
gunpoint, this is not legal.

A person born in the United States is an American. A person who
has applied for admission into the United States and after meeting
all required criteria, including swearing allegiance to it is a
naturalized citizen and an American.

Gate crashing by crossing our borders, avoiding requirements of
the law of our country, then availing themselves of entitlements
meant for our own needy citizenry is illegal. When the fact of their
illegitimacy is revealed, they resent it and take to the street in
protest, waiving the flag of the country they came from.

Our southwest contains many non- simulating, non-English speaking
barrios within sanctuary cities which contain havens for Mara
Salvatrucha 13 (MS 13) one of the most vicious gangs in our country
and the world.

They are not Americans and they will never be, because of the
circumstance of their arrival.

Being an American is what you contribute to becoming one, not how
much you can squeeze out of it.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Gary Goldstein said...

Do you ever wonder why refugees from terror ridden countries in the Middle East don't emigrate to other Muslim countries instead of to the "evil" Western counties of Europe and the U.S.A.? Could it be that the Western countries are too stupid to realize that by giving immigrants overly generous welfare benefits etc., just by showing up at their doorstep, that they are digging their own grave as their societies slowly disintegrate into oblivion? Could, by chance, the supposed label Pres. Trump used to describe other "basket case" countries, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, as "sh..holes", he might very well have used the proper designation? Wise up America, get rid of the "political correctness" mentality and work with the president to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !