Wednesday, January 31, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

Democrats Watching President Trump’s State- of-the-Union address, looked like petrified rats watching the approach of a Cobra snake.

It was fascinating but sad, to see the Democrat members of Congress including the usually raucus Black Caucus, sitting silently like stone-faced statues, as the President spoke.  They just sat motionless, staring off into space, utterly stunned.  It was a weird phenomenon to witness.

Senator Sourpuss Schumer appeared ashen-faced, confused and at times, disoriented.  Nunzy Pelosi has never been seen to sit in silence for so long.  She appeared frozen in place, afraid to budge – as if she had just soiled herself.  

There were countless opportunities for the Democrats to stand with the crowd or at least to applaud half-heartedly, when the President waxed eloquent with patriotic references or when he touched on issues for which they’ve been loudly advocating.  Absolutely nothing he said in the hour-plus speech that had brought the rest of the chamber-full of Americans to their feet time after time, moved the Democrats to show the slightest sign of agreement.  Their hatred of President Trump was mute but, palpable.  What a treasonous statement it made.  
                  “Hello, America:  Did you see what I saw?”
                                                                                   MORT KUFF  © 1-31-2018

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Al Stein said...

How much does Nancy Pelosi charge to haunt a house? I never saw such a constipated look on someone's face as was the look of Nancy Pelosi when Pres. Trump said that we should work together in unity and bi-partisanship. Even her Botox shot started to wrinkle up.

Jim Dunlap said...

What a disgrace that the Democrats didn't have the common sense and the courtesy to applaud when Pres. Trump offered up some points a sensible person should react favorably to. When the figures of black and Latino unemployment was mentioned and that the figures were the lowest in history, they sat on their hands. When some of those heartbreaking guests of the president were presented to the audience, the Democrats again sat on their hands. It seems like the Democrats put party over country by their boorish behavior. They act like spoiled brats who pout because things did not go their way. Shame on them !