Thursday, January 4, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

Attention: LIBERALS 

I believe the time has arrived for to someone to apprize you of the intrinsic value and benefits of learning the lesson of, ‘Tolerance’. I know, I know – it is something you’ve haughtily preached since the twin diseases, HATE & PREJUDICE first appeared on Earth but, you never really subscribed to it. You’ve always been two-faced about ‘Tolerance’; preaching it but, not practicing it. Talking it up while at the same time, acting like the bigoted bastards you really are. Time to get over it. Time to grow up.

Now, pay attention; here’s the key:
STOP viewing people in groups. STOP IT! START viewing people as INDIVIDUALS. They are after all, just that – ‘Individuals’. And as individuals, they are made up of a variety of the stuff that is carried in their DNA chain. They’ve encountered a totally different set of experiences while growing up in more than likely, an entirely different environment that you did. They might have had a different kind of education than you did. They might have been indoctrinated since an early age in a different religion than has been your experience.

They are certainly different in size, shape, gender and make-up from you. Their life experiences in the military or in the world of sports; in the world of the arts; in the world of travel; in their lives of health or illness – these influences will differ in all the vagaries of individual differences that life has to offer. So, how in Hell can you have the temerity to lump them into a broad category simply for the sake of your own comfort & convenience? That is, unless you are comfy making your judgment on the basis of skin color or, some odd physical attribute like a hooked nose, thick lips or slanted eyes. Are you beginning to understand?

Now, presuming that you have opened the window and let in some enlightenment – let’s proceed by dropping the negativity and picking up some positive traits in the hope of converting your vinegar into something a little sweeter like, maybe ‘clover honey’. Let’s try.

First, get out the tool-of-choice, a pad of lined yellow paper. Now, list all the attributes, talents, skills, good points and characteristics of the ‘individual’ you have chosen as the target for your initial foray into the heavy-duty experiment of learning the human skill of ‘Tolerance’.

Next, begin to think of each aspect of this individual’s persona as a stand-alone human quality. This will make it easier to view the individual as a person comprised of many parts. Hence, you will inevitably arrive at the conclusion that it is not necessary nor is it desirable to lump this individual into a ‘convenient’ category. Hey, guess what? You’re becoming TOLERANT. 

                                                       MORT KUFF © 11-3-2018

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1 comment:

Donald Wirth said...

I remember a past editorial by Chuck entitled, "Does Tolerance Breed Intolerance", which compliments what Mort wrote wrote in his piece today. The liberal loons are constantly berating conservatives about their supposed lack of tolerance of anybody or anything, but it is they who are the one's who are intolerant, The gays are intolerant of the straights, the blacks are intolerant of the whites, the pro-abortionists are intolerant of the anti-abortionists, the poor are intolerant of the rich and on and on. As the old saying goes, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, as that is what the liberals are doing as they try to separate the people by their racial, economic class, and religious differences in trying to gain a political advantage. How do you spell liberal, liberal ='s hypocrite.