Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ignorance is Bliss!

The more I see people on T.V. or in the news media or the entertainment industry, being totally clueless as to what economic common sense is all about, the more I've come to the conclusion that “Ignorance is Bliss”. That phrase was coined by English poet Thomas Gray in 1742, but it has relevance today in our crazy world of politics and current events. The definition of that phrase is: “it means that something you don't know can't affect you (good or bad). So, you remain unenlightened (sometimes called “blissful ignorance”). But, by being ignorant and clueless, you can be a cause for concern as policies that might be beneficial to the country as a whole, might not come about because of that “blissful ignorance”.

I recently saw a video segment by investigative reporter, Avi Horowitz, who went to the uber-liberal section of New York City called the East Village, to ask some questions. He asked random people walking on the street what they thought of the Trump tax plan. Almost 100% said they didn't like it and that it only benefited the rich. Then he said, here is Bernie Sanders economic tax plan, what do you think of it? What Horowitz did was list the provisions of the Trump plan after informing them it was Bernie's plan. Most all agreed that it was a great plan and should be adopted into law. After their praise of “Bernie's” plan, he informed them it really was Trump's plan, and they had to admit that it was a good plan after all. It seems they had all been brainwashed that anything that had to do with Trump or the Republicans was bad for the country.

I'm sure that most of those people interviewed in the East Village were educated (supposedly) people who really had no clue as to what the provisions of the Trump tax plan was. They were just repeating what they saw and heard on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC etc. and the left-leaning politicians, that since it had Trump's name associated with it, it must be bad for the country. Would you classify that to be in the category of “Ignorance is Bliss”? It seems that many people are lemmings being led to a disastrous end by the liberal elites who will spin any story about Trump and the Republicans and put it in a bad light. After all, Trump and the Republicans are “evil”, according to the main stream media and the Democrats.

Democrat leaders, like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are predicting that “Armageddon” is just around the corner because of the passage of the Trump tax cuts etc. I'll bet my bottom dollar that they know that that emotionally charged rhetoric is just partisan babble, but in order to try to discredit a meaningful piece of economic common sense legislation, they willfully disparage the benefits that the plan offers to the poor and middle class because they know that this is a winning issue for both the Republicans and Trump, especially for the upcoming congressional and senatorial elections in November, 2018.

Never have I seen such a misinformation campaign conducted by politicians, trying to regain power, by willfully making misstatements of facts for partisan political advantage. Yes, it has been done in the past, but not to the extent it is being used today. In addition, the drumbeat, by some Democrats, to push for the impeachment of President Trump, seems to take precedence over all items that could affect the making of America great again. No doubt, Trump and the Republicans will have to overcome an overwhelming negative news media (a Harvard University report showed that 93% of all stories in the media about Trump are negative) to turn the P.R. of their tax plan into their advantage. It won't be easy, but don't count Pres. Trump out as he generally wins in the end.

Of course, the “proof is in the pudding”, as the old saying goes. If the economy booms, like Trump and the Republicans say it will, it will mean that the Republicans will hold their majorities in the House and Senate come Nov. 2018 (people generally vote their pocketbooks). When that happens, both Pelosi and Schumer will have egg on their faces and will have a lot of explaining to do. As I said before, “Ignorance is Bliss”, but that “willful ignorance” will, most likely, come back to bite the Democrats in the butt big time in future decisions and elections.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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John Volpe said...

Aah, can you believe that a substantial number of today's college students and graduates couldn't pass a simple test on our Constitution, our current events, or our economic system? It's a shame that our educational system has sunk so low in cognitive reasoning and that "blissful ignorance" seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Indoctrination and not education seems to be the prevailing "modus operandi" by the overwhelming left-leaning professors who mostly make up our college faculties.

Philip Farese said...

I see that the parent company of NBC, Comcast, has decided to give each of its employees a bonus check of $1,000 as a result of the Trump tax plan being passed and signed into law. Since NBC has been a vociferous critic of Pres. Trump, I wonder how many of the NBC bonus recipients will be refusing that $1,000 check? I'll bet the answer will be zero.