Thursday, November 16, 2017

We now have the chance to turn America on again

I am suffering BS fatigue listening to the rhetoric coming
from phony liberal black supremacists who depict them-
selves holier than thou, by keeping racism alive and milking
it for everything they can get out of it, accusing conservatives
of being the racists.

On behalf of minorities and people of color, liberal media is
depicting civil rights as exclusive to them.

Political correctness, affirmative action, anti 2nd Amendment
and 1st Amendment rights for conservatives are designed to
deprive conservatives of their civil rights.

It isn't whites who are responsible for the black illegitimate
births that create teenage mothers and fatherless families,
that in some inner cities are as much as 80%.

It isn't whites who murder blacks in Chicago and in other black
neighborhoods. It is by other blacks.

It is an attitude of victimization that deters them from progress
into a productive society.

It is idolizing the wrong role models who set bad examples to
follow. There are many none whites who broke out of the
victimization mold and called Uncle Toms that are setting
examples to follow and be proud of.

Eight years of the Obama era turned the real America off. We
now have the chance to turn America on again.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Gary Goldstein said...

Look at the people in the forefront of the Democrat Party, from dementia to outright racism, that's the make up of the Democrats. Who is their leader, Nancy Pelosi (a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal); Tom Perez (a Latino racist); Keith Ellison ( a Muslim Sympathizer); Al Franken (an unfunny pervert); Bernie Sanders ( a Marxist/Socialist who wants to give people free stuff); Chuck Schumer (an overly partisan political hack); and, of course, Crooked Hillary ( a serial sexual enabler for her husband "Slick Willie"). What an array of nothingness asking to lead our country? God bless America..

Stomes said...

Mr Giftos is spot on with Black people killing other Blacks. Yet I just read that the “Women” in the WNBA have declined to visit Pres Trump. The NFL, NBA & WNBA have classified Trump as a Racist.
Not long ago I remember many Sports Announcer severely attack Tom Brady for not going to the White House. I don't recall Brady said anything derogatory about Obama. It is very easy to prove Obama was the most Anti-Semitic POTUS in the modern era yet there is no evidence Blacks can say Trump is a racist. So I ask the sports leagues, who are the Real Racists?