Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hillary and Bill: The Bonnie and Clyde of Politics!

Although the Clinton's have not robbed a bank (as yet!), their greedy tentacles have tainted many other areas of life. Let's try to go through a short litany of shady deals that they have been involved in (other than Bill's sexual peccadilloes) in their public life in politics.

At the end of his presidency, the Clinton's claimed that they were flat “broke” (her words) and upon departing the White House, they walked off with approximately $200,000 of furnishings and fixtures of the White House. They had to return 75% of the “loot” they took as they left the White House. That was just the beginning of the shady deals that these “grifters” engaged in over the next 17 years.

Both wrote books about their experiences and, as a result, they became millionaires. Nobody begrudges their right to make money like capitalists, but they were constantly railing about the 1% of rich people that they just became part of.

Immediately upon becoming private citizens, Hillary decided to run for a vacant U.S. Senate seat from the State of New York, and her husband (commonly referred to as “Slick Willie”), started up a “charitable” organization called the Clinton Foundation (and an off-shoot, the Clinton Global Initiative). Even though she won the senate seat in New York, everyone knew that her ultimate goal was to become president.

Bill was very busy in his retirement also by going around the United States and around the world giving speeches to both private companies and foreign countries who wanted access to the “benefits” that the U.S. had to offer. Since it was a foregone conclusion that Hillary would become president in the future, a donation to the Clinton Foundation would be a good move to get a foot in the door.

Unfortunately for the Clinton's, Hillary lost the nomination to Barack Obama in 2008, but as a consolation prize for her loss and for her support of Obama during the general campaign, she was appointed Secretary of State. In that position, she was able to make favorable decisions for varied groups of people and countries who wanted to do “business” with the United States. During her tenure at the State Department, Bill's speaking fees went up precipitously and donations to the Clinton Foundation also increased tremendously. A good example, that is presently being exposed as I write this, is the “Uranium One” deal with the Russians, whereby the Russians gained access to 20% of our uranium reserves, which Hillary had to sign off on, along with other agencies of the government, in order for the deal to go through. Coincidentally, Bill got a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank with ties to Russian President Putin, and the Clinton Foundation got a cash donation of over $100 million. Do you think these transactions have the appearance of a “quid pro quo” or a pay-to-play arrangement? We'll soon find out.

The shenanigans of these shady deals were in addition to Hillary's less than honorable activities as Secretary of State, which included the Benghazi debacle where 4 Americans lost their lives for lack of adequate security which the State Department was responsible for, and for which she blamed a nondescript video that caused the deaths of these Americans (a lie). Add on her use of an “illegal server” in conducting her duties as Secretary of State, and you have a cornucopia of slimy activities perpetrated by Hillary in her job, and by Bill's activities in generating large speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation as a result of Hillary's job as Secretary of State.

Since Hillary lost the election in 2016, the Clinton's closed down the “Clinton Global Initiative”, most likely because the donees stopped donating because they could not get any benefits from a losing candidate for president. Does that make sense? I'm sure many of those individuals and countries were disappointed in the fact that Hillary didn't become president. Well, don't feel sorry for the Clinton's, they now have access to hundreds of millions of dollars which is still sitting in the Clinton Foundation and available for use by them and their cronies.

With all these shady activities by these two self-serving politicians, it would be appropriate and proper to call Hillary and Bill the “Bonnie and Clyde” of politics.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Chuck Lehmann said...

A friend of mine mentioned a parallel to the Clinton's that is from the Old Testament about the couple, Ahab and Jezebel. I looked them up and sure enough there is a similarity that mirrors what the Clinton's represented over their past actions from Arkansas, to the White House and beyond. Google up Ahab and Jezebel and see for yourself if there is a similarity.

Unknown said...

In order to construct a sound case, you need a blueprint and specs.
This is what I just read. I'm afraid the DOJ won't follow the plans or read the specs and the Clinton sins will remain an empty lot

George Baker said...

My father once told me that when you reward bad behavior you get more of it. That's especially true of the Clinton's, who have been given a pass ever since they entered public life. From their days in Arkansas till the present day, they have been given immunity from prosecution and have continued their shady deals as a reward for their dishonest behavior. I hope Attorney General Jeff Sessions wakes up and does the right thing to make the Clinton's answer for their dirty deeds, then you will reward the honest American people.