Sunday, November 26, 2017

Boss Tweed and the Democrats

The Democrats are proclaiming that the Republicans are imploding, but they never mention the raging turmoil that's going on in their own party. They champion the fallacy that all corruption is on the part of the Republicans, when if you follow the news, it is mainly the Democrats who are being charged with most of the wrongdoing. It seems they are reliving the past by emulating Boss Tweed, the infamous Democrat leader of the late 19th century.

With an occasional Republican thrown into the corruption mix, here is a list of the misdeeds of the Democrats. Starting off with that disgraced movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, who has been shown to be a serial woman abuser and who happens to be a major Democrat Party donor; Kevin Spacey, a gay pedophile; Cong. John Conyers, another admitted woman abuser; Louis C.K., comedian; Glenn Thrush, N.Y. Times columnist and a woman groper; Sen. Al Franken, a phony champion of women who has demeaned women on a number of occasions; Septuagenarian Charlie Rose, T.V. host for over 30 years who has been fired from 3 networks for women molestation; Sen. Robert Menendez, fresh from charges of corruption in N.J. and released because of a hung jury, who has been accused of hiring under age prostitutes in the Dominican Republic; Mark Halperin, NBC pundit who has recently been fired for women sexual abuse; and then there is the “King of Them All”, former Pres. Bill Clinton, an admitted perjurer and a serial woman abuser who is now being thrown under the bus by his fellow Democrats. Then there is Judge Roy Moore, a Republican, who has also been accused by 4 women of non-consensual touching and asking them out on dates while they were teenagers almost 40 years ago, just 4 weeks before a special election for the Senate, charges which he fervently denies and claims that it is a political hit job by his opponent and some RINO Republicans. The voters of Alabama will determine his fate on election day.

The old expression, “People in Glass Houses shouldn't throw stones”, surely applies to the sanctimonious Democrats, who seem to always accuse the Republicans of doing what they have been doing in spades themselves.

You name it, if you are a Republican or Conservative, you will be charged with racism, bigotry, Nazism, Fascism, child abuse, haters of minorities, killing or starving the poor and elderly, and on and on. These epithets will generally come up every 2 and 4 years at election time, and it seems that many people fall for these descriptions because of partisan political considerations and not whether they are valid or not.

During the past couple of years, the vitriol and vile personal attacks, by the Democrats, have been directed at Pres. Donald Trump. Since the Democrats lost the last election, which they thought they would win in a walk against the political novice, Donald Trump, they have been relentless in trying to bring him and his administration down, regardless how that might affect the country. Is it worth it to be against all his policies, because they hate him personally, even though it might not be beneficial for the country? “Total Resistance” is the Democrats method of showing disapproval of him and his policies, and they are being encouraged by their leaders including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and, as of now, the whole Democrat Party.

In referring to Boss Tweed in my headline, who, by the way, was also a Democrat and the head of Tammany Hall (Democrat headquarters) in New York City (from1858 to 1871), who was considered the “poster boy” for entrenched political corruption during that period. The modern day Democrats seem to taking a page out of Tweed's playbook as the slimy events of today are being reported on an almost daily basis (the just re-elected NYC Mayor, Bill DiBlasio seems to be emulating the actions of Boss Tweed). We don't need more Boss Tweed's, we need some honest people to run our government and to “Drain the Swamp”, and a good start would be to back our populist President Donald Trump. Let's Make America Great Again.

Conservative commentary Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

Draining the beltway swamp isn't enough. We now have to raze the pigsties in Washington and entertainment media as well.

Chuck Lehmann said...

I forgot to include in my commentary one of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", and I quote: "Always accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing". That's why the rush to judgment about Roy Moore by the Democrats and the leftist media were highly critical of Roy Moore, but since the revelations of sexual harassment, by mostly Democrats, the "faux outrage" about Moore has practically been muted. I have the feeling that the 40 year old charges against Moore was a political hit job by his opponent, the Democrats, and some disgruntled RINO"s who have tried to practice what Alinsky preached.

Jack Herlihy said...

Isn't it ironic that the unsubstantiated 40 year old charges against Judge Roy Moore pale in comparison with what the mostly corrupt Democrats have been accused of these past few weeks? Both parties have their bad apples, but it seems that the Democrats are 10 times more guilty of crimes than the "evil" Republicans (as they are portrayed by the Democrats and the media). Besides the sexual charges by both Democrat politicians and Democrat supporters, it has been reported that Cong. Brady (D-Pa.) has paid $90,000 to his black primary opponent for him to drop out of the race, which he did. He now joins another Philadelphia Congressman, Chakka Fattah, who is now serving prison time. There must be something in the drinking water of Philly? And to think that the Democrats proclaim that it is the Republicans who are the corrupt ones? People in glass houses should not throw stones.