Thursday, September 7, 2017

The LEFT, the RIGHT and the FAR OUT

The Far Out are phony demonstrators known as Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, Black
Lives Matter and other idiotic but dangerous mobs, who have been given life and
headlines by fake news media.

This past week we witnessed the best that America has to offer, in Texas and
Louisiana, coming from every corner of the country, to assist those in distress and
dire need.

Unfortunately, it will be just a matter of time for the worse in America to appear again,
when the Far Out flex their muscles in another phony grievance, blemishing the good
Godly people gave for their fellow man, abetted in support by ungodly fake media
news sources and some on the Left with the Democratic label.

The President and members of his administration's commendable approach toward
the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey has the editorial boards from fake news
sources grinding their teeth and busy exploring ways to come up with a viable,
nonfactual creative story, to blame the storm on President Trump,knowing what ever
he does can easily be twisted to dupe the naïve public; but so far all they came up
with was a critique on First Lady, Melania's shoes.

Stay tuned for more creativity by the Gray Lady, Washington Post and CNN.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Marvin Schrader said...

According to the "fake news" media, the KKK and the White Nationalists are evil people (and rightly so), but the Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the Southern Policy Law Center groups are not? Is there a double-standard when choosing sides of who is good and who is bad? When Pres. Trump condemned the White Supremacists in Charlottesville he also condemned Antifa and BLM, but he was condemned for making that honest equivalency. Shouldn't all violent and hate groups be condemned? That where the "fake news" comes into play.

Stan Haas said...

I guess Poland can teach these other sanctimonious European nations how to conduct their countries business for the benefit of its citizens. The first duty of every country is to protect its citizens, Poland has done that and they have been free of radical Islamic terrorism, whereas the other countries have suffered one horrible incident after another. I hope the U.S. is paying attention and to the common sense approach to immigration which Poland has instituted.