Sunday, July 9, 2017

President Trump's Speech in Poland

President Donald Trump delivers this terrific speech to a crowd in Warsaw, Poland. This speech came ahead of the G20 summit. You will not hear President Trump bad mouth America or apologize for our Country.

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Bill Esposito said...

Poland likes Trump's policies, especially his immigration policy (Poland doesn't have a refugee problem), and the fact that Trump is opening up and loosening the trade policy between the countries by selling LPG to the Poles, thereby not having them having to rely on the Russians for their energy needs. Trump and the President of Poland seem to have formed a very friendly relationship. A win - win proposition for both Poland and the U.S.

Eric Roberts said...

Can you imagine that some loony liberals are claiming that Trump's Poland speech was racist? It shows the complete disdain, ignorance, and vindictiveness of these sore-losers who will not put America first, their primary obligation is to put their party (the Democrat Party) first. The resilient Polish people embraced Pres. with enthusiasm bordering on idolatry, but not by our uber-liberal anarchists masquerading as patriotic Democrats. Shame on all those phony ingrates who can't get over the loss of the last election.