Thursday, July 20, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

The Wall Street Journal headlines that,
“Putin is not America’s Friend”.

Now, if that isn’t Pulitzer Prize journalism, I don’t know what is.
Ya coulda fooled us.  All the smart money was on Putin when the two leaders met in person for the first time, at G20.  Prediction:  poor, naïve, unsophisticated President Trump would be eaten alive by the wily, ex-KGB tough guy. It would be a slam-dunk.
Pres. Trump said that he was ‘honored’ to be meeting with the leader of the former Soviet Union.  Trump says a lot of things, the vast majority of which are astutely calculated to have a particular effect on whomever he is conversing with.  It’s his thing; it’s what he does.
Is anyone so naïve as to think for one split second, that Trump, the world’s most accomplished negotiator, doesn’t know how to read anyone with whom he is negotiating?  With just a fleeting reprise at how this life-long business tycoon decided to run for the Presidency and then plow through all comers, including the Royal Dame of Democrat Corruption, Hillary the Horrible, one is obliged to conclude that this is a narrative about a dominant male who never fails to achieve supremacy.
If there are two people in the room and one of them is Donald Trump – my money is on the Trumpster to take home the prize.
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Martin Wilans said...

I've just heard the most damning thing about the collusion of Pres. Trump and Vladimir Putin - during the G20 meeting, Pres. Trump put Russian dressing on his salad, and he did it secretly. What was he thinking? Did he think no one would notice? I'm sure CNN and MSNBC will do a few hours exposing this earth shattering happening, extremely treasonous act by our president. Rachel Maddow, and Clint Matthews might have a conniption fit reporting on this indiscretion by that "evil" person in the White House. Maybe we should send over a case of DEPENDS to these two fearless reporters, in case they can't control their elimination orifices.