Thursday, July 27, 2017

Are We to Believe Anything Coming Out of Washington?

It wasn't that long ago when both political parties were singing a
song of praise to former FBI director James Comey, for having
confidence in him and for his integrity, before the controversial
press conference, where he overstepped the line from investigator
into judge, regarding communications between Hillary Clinton and
staff, using personal unsecured and unauthorized computers and
mishandling classified and secret emails.

The evidence in the investigation showed reason for prosecution,
but Comey took it upon himself to discount this course of action.
Under his direction, other serious activities by the Clinton's, from
Benghazi to the Clinton Foundation and secretive meeting between
Bill Clinton and the then DOJ Loretta Lynch, on an airplane parked
on the apron just before Comey's press conference have been
ignored and omitted from investigation.

Now the ode is being repeated about Special Counsel appointee
Robert Mueller, assigned to investigate the accusations by unnamed
anonymous sources in hope of turning up something from there,
where there was no there.

It appears to be starting as a conflicted investigation, considering the
tight friendship between Mueller and Comey and his investigatory
legal team staff, consisting of three heavy donors to democrats, one
of which has represented the Clinton Foundation in a racketeering
lawsuit and also represented Hillary in a lawsuit seeking access to her
private emails.

Is this going to turn out to be another liberal farce?
Are we expected to believe anything coming out of Washington seriously
when the politics are so obvious?

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Ira Greenfield said...

The Democrats have been promoting the bogus idea that Pres. Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians to try to discredit Hillary Clinton in trying to win the presidential election of 2016. This whole exercise reminds me of something I once read about conspiracies, it went like this, "Why the complete lack of evidence is the surest sign by some that a conspiracy is working". That sort of sums up the validity of those hysterical claims by the losing party to justify why they lost the election. All B.S., and a feeble excuse for a terrible campaign and a terrible candidate.