Thursday, May 18, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

Attention:  Delusional Democrats who keep up the whine that we’ve got to get to the bottom of this Trump scandal that doesn’t exist.
Let me tell you what we’ve got to get to the bottom of . . .
We’ve got to get to the bottom of Democrats electing an America-hating, profane-pro-union, civil rights lawyer, street thug and holder of a string of public offices, on the way to being the newly-elected Chairman of the Democrat National Committee – and whose very first action, was to name a proponent of Islam’s Shariah law, the America-hating, totally-committed Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, as his No. 2.  
What does this tell you about the Democrat Party that stubbornly calls itself ‘The Democratic Party’, which it is anything but?  These delusional  Dems have become so viciously anti-Conservative, so adamantly anti-U.S. Constitution, so vocally & viciously anti-Trump, that they have placed themselves outside the bounds of sanity. They’ve become radicalized.
They refuse to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election to a total outsider to the traditional world of national politics. They hate and fear Donald Trump because he opposes everything they have totally controlled in the Nation’s Capital for the past 50+ years.   Further, they are deranged-out-of-their-minds that this ‘outsider’ is overturning all the Socialist lunacy and repressive regulations that Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama put in place during his eight years of blatant disservice to our nation. Deranged Democrats my friend, are what we must get to the bottom of, to save our beloved nation.
                                                                       MORT KUFF   © 5-17-2017

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Ray Jacobson said...

I can understand that honest people can have policy differences, but listening to the Democrats and the main stream media you'd think they were tied by an umbilical cord in trashing President Trump personally, not his policies. Should this attack on the presidency continue, it will undermine our Democratic Republic, and not for the better. Shouldn't country come first in place of personal vilification of an individual? Is losing an election worth all these attempts at getting rid of Pres. Trump in the manner they are doing?