Thursday, December 29, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

“We’ll retaliate at a time and
place of my choosing.”                                     
                       -  Pres. Barack Hussein Obama

This is a quote from the tough-talkin’ Coward-in-Chief of the United States of America who really knows how to strike fear into the hearts of this nation’s enemies.

When he responds to intentional acts of open aggression by our sworn enemies, against this nation’s citizens and property with a statement like, “We’ll retaliate at a time and place of my choosing.”, what he means is . . .

“You can bet your ass I’ll leave this mess for the
next president; I ain’t not gonna do nuthin!”

Those sounds you hear are coming from all the dead    Presidents spinning in their graves or in the case of the living ex-Presidents, gagging in front of their TVs.

While the soon-to-be former-President will openly bask in his twisted version of reality regarding his legacy, he will despite his Narcissism, know he has been sidelined by his own screw-ups, by factual history, by Hag Hillary  by a guy named Donald J. Trump and by a few million people in fly-over country, still clinging to their Bibles and guns who finally grew sick & tired of his never-ending, nonsensical blabbering, utter ineptitude, cowardice and unforgivable stupidity.  Good riddance to Obama, his un-American family and all his other un-American trash.

                   MORT KUFF  © 12-17-2016

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Gary Goldstein said...

With friends like Obama, Israel doesn't need enemies. Isn't it ironic that Obama has given the Israeli's the middle finger at the end of his disastrous presidency when he longer had to lie to the Jews, feigning support, in order to get money and support for his campaigns? He has wanted to stick it to the Jews ever since he took office and now was his chance to fulfill his animus toward our great friend and ally, Israel. Isn't it about time for the Jews to jump on the Trump train and support his sensible policies toward Israel? What more evidence do you need that the two-faced Democrats are not the friends of Israel and the Jews? Wake up and smell the coffee, Jews, and admit that Obama was and is a Muslim sympathizer.