Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fake News!

What cost Hillary Clinton the election?

Well obviously it could not have had anything to do with her creepy, fake smile, her human-like warmth or the swamp of corruption and even treason that she has made for herself. You know, it must be the Russians! And of course FAKE NEWS! In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle picks apart this nonsense and places the blame squarely on the head of the sore loser responsible for her thrashing.

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Bob Garden said...

The non-partisan media (ha,ha!) really proved a force in the last presidential election as 200 newspapers endorsed Hillary and only 6 endorsed Trump, and look at the results, President Donald J.Trump. Does that tell you anything? The Wiki-Leaks e-mails were true, but the rhetoric by Queen Hillary were mostly all lies and they wonder how they lost. The biggest fear that the loony Democrats fear is that Trump and his policies will succeed which is bad news for the Dems in future elections.