Thursday, December 8, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

The end justifies the remains.
In the case of Fidel Castro’s passing from the scene, it is far more than ironic that his memory is being celebrated as if he were a staunch advocate for the Cuban people and a strong, noble  leader.   He was neither.  Sadly, the Cuban people celebrating are still very much under the tyrannical thumb of his brother’s harsh, dictatorial regime. They dare not let their true feelings be known, or even hint at their relief that he is gone, much less – openly shout with joy at the too-long overdue demise of ‘Infidel’ Castro.
It is a master stroke of divine intervention that the Jeep pulling the cart with the flag-draped container of Castro’s cremated remains, broke down.  The Jeep broke down.  And the military escorts who  were walking on either side of this cart, were pressed into service to get behind the cart and the Jeep and push, push, push.
It made for an ignominious but altogether fitting tableau that will  last forever through the magic of television re-runs, in the memory of all who witnessed this tragic comedy on their TVs, worldwide.   Just think about it – you saw Cuban people, finally able to push back at the jackass who had made their lives so miserable while he lived a far different life at their expense.
It is truly said, “The end justifies the remains.”
             MORT KUFF  © 12-5-2016

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Jim Farino said...

What are the dictators around the world going to do when Obama leaves office, and when the money spigot is shut off and one-way deals are not part of the new American administration? Sanity and common sense will finally be the rule, not appeasement and cajoling of our adversaries. No more phony deals with our country holding the short end of the stick, like what happened in Iran and Cuba.

James J. Pirretti said...

Hollywood, some in sports, and some college students love Fidel and his ilk without any knowledge of what these dictators have done to people who disagree.