Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Clinton's “Modus Operandi”

“Modus Operandi” is a Latin word that that is defined , mainly by law enforcement personnel, as to determine the usual way that a criminal(s) performs a crime. In addition, it is a pattern or method used by criminals over and over in the commission of their crimes. For the past 30 years that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been in public service, they have, as their “modus operandi”, been able to skirt the law in ways, that are obvious to a discerning individual, that they have broken the law, but have rarely been held accountable for their actions. They seem to be above the law. One law for the Clinton's and one law for the rest of us poor “schlubs”.

Peggy Noonan, noted political columnist, has pointed out, in a recent column, what she called the “Clinton Scandal Ritual”. She said that the Clinton's “modus operandi” in facing charges of wrongdoing in their lives is to lie, deny, revise, claim not to remember specifics, and stall for time. When time passes, call the story (the scandal) “old news” full of questions that have already been answered. For them, this tactic has worked wonders as they have avoided jail time over and over again, whereas an ordinary person would not have been so lucky in disobeying the law and getting away with it like the Clinton's have.

The list of Clinton scandals over the years include the following.

Hillary once claimed that she parlayed a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into a $100,000 windfall, just by reading the Wall Street Journal. She got personal help, it was revealed later, by one of her husband's friend, as Bill Clinton was then the Arkansas Attorney General, as a favor (a quid pro quo?). When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992, he was accused by cabaret singer, Jennifer Flowers, of being his mistress for 12 years as Bill was married to Hillary. He denied any such thing, but years later in a deposition, he admitted that the affair was true. It was not a crime to have an affair, but his blatant denial to the American people was an example of how they were so disingenuous, even back then.

While President Bill Clinton was in office, Hillary and Bill fired the White House travel office staff under a phony reason of malfeasance, and put in their place their friends from Hollywood. The travel office staff sued and won their case in court and were ordered reinstated.

Toward the end of Clinton's second term, Clinton was accused of having an affair with an intern, Monica Lewinsky, in the Oval Office. He denied the affair on T.V. to the nation, but admitted it later when confronted with evidence to the contrary. During a deposition in that case it was found that he lied to a grand jury, and was forced to pay another victim of his sexual abuse, Paula Jones, an $850,000 fine and the loss of his law license. You could say it was basically a slap on the wrist because he was a Clinton.

When they left the White House, they removed about $200,000 worth of White House furnishings, of which they were forced to return approximately. $120,000 of the items after it was revealed what they had illegally removed. No other penalty was assessed.

The “unpunished crimes” continued after they were leaving the White House. Bill Clinton, as he was leaving office, pardoned a number of unsavory characters including swindler Marc Rich (a fugitive from the U.S. and a Clinton campaign contributor), pedophile Mel Reynolds, a convicted former congressman, and a group of convicted Hasidic Jews from New Market, N.Y. , as a “payoff” to that community to vote for Hillary in her upcoming election for senator from N.Y. The town of New Market, a solid Republican town,voted for Hillary, 1,408 to 8 (another quid pro quo?)

In the years since, as Hillary became Senator and eventually being appointed Secretary of State after she lost the presidential primary and the general election was won by Barack Obama, the selling of access to government rapidly increased to make the Clinton's multi-multi millionaires. Enormous speaking fees (ranging from $250,000 to $800,000) paid to Bill, and to Hillary, after she left the State Dep't., and donations to their Clinton Foundation came from all over the world, even from extremely poor and corrupt nations who eventually got favorable treatment on business dealings they had with the U.S. government. It has been charged that the Clinton's got wealthy by selling access to our government and not by producing a product or a service, or promoting a new idea of how to make a profitable company and creating jobs.

Eventually, the extent of the crimes the Clinton's committed will come out, but don't count on them paying any consequences for their illegal actions for as I stated before, there are two sets of laws, one for the Clinton's and one for the rest of us.

These were just a few examples of the “modus operandi” of how the Clinton's have skirted the law for their own selfish benefit over the years. Let's hope that the voters don't make the same mistake they made in 2008 and 2012, by electing a “grifter” like Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, as you get two for the price of one) to be president of the United States.

Conservative Commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Ari Goldstein said...

Hillary is so dishonest you can't believe the lies she tells about her lies. Does anybody not think that all those countries (mostly poor and antagonistic towards the U.S.) who have contributed to the Clinton's and their foundation, expect something from the U.S. in return for their donations? Both the Obama's and the Clinton's were born under the same sign...... FOR SALE!