Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another First Amendment Visit

Abuse of the First Amendment has been the subject of many of my writings in the past, and the need to look into honing its interpretation and application, where one side retrofits it to their devices and denies it to its opponent. It has become evident a neo liberal motion has invaded the democrat party, denying its protection to any one not in sync with their socialist agenda.

Under their code of political correctness, to express an opinion contrary to theirs is racist, misogynistic and bigoted.

The right to demonstrate against anything you feel harmful to your quality of life is one of the cornerstones of the First Amendment. No where in the First Amendment, or any other government document does it allow harm or destruction of anyone’s body or property as a freedom to express oneself. A majority of demonstrations we are being subjected to are fraudulent and motivated by organizations hostile to our American values and way of life. Example of this is the millennials taking to the streets, because their “Free Stuff” party lost a legitimate election, motivated to action by the leftist influences of professors who cut their teeth in the radical sixties.

Missing in the crowds were those who stayed home to use their brain in finding solutions to any discourse, while those rioting in the streets are the brain dead, resorting to violence for changes that can never be permanent.

The na├»ve are easily maneuvered by the anarchists infiltrating their ranks, who believe their efforts are humanitarian and keeping our borders closed is not humane. They don’t see the danger of undesirables among good people filtering through to create havoc, as is happening in Europe. Their plight is survival, but it is not bigotry to be cautious and deny entry for anyone who follows the tenets of a religion advocating Sharia law that is contrary to our laws, that negates the rights and protection by any of our amendments. Like most of us, our president elect, Donald Trump is not versed in the lingo of politicians and diplomats, so plain talk is not acceptable for elitists, so our words are open for them to ridicule and twist. By the demonstrations we are witnessing, it seems to be working.

Apparently it was OK to back a liar and non-indicted felon, who in the words of the FBI, was careless and negligent with state secrets, and by her ineptness, is responsible for the death of 4 of America’s best in Benghazi.

I ask any of you who are angry over the election results, if one of the four murdered in Benghazi was your son, would your vote be different? If your answer is no, you are a very sick person!

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Ed Maier said...

In the words of Thomas Sowell, "Too many in the media (and liberals) act as if decency is a violation of the First Amendment".