Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Moral Collapse

According to Obama, Clinton, and liberals the cause of the indiscriminate killings we have seen is because guns are too easy to get.  However, in my opinion the real reason for these latest events is the moral collapse we have witnessed throughout the world and in this country.

Nowadays, according to the liberals, there are no moral truths; everything is relative.  Individual responsibility is gone.  Instead, liberals blame everything on society, the establishment – whatever that is – and, of course, racism.  The Judea-Christian creed at one time was considered the norm – not something that is now scorned at or made fun of by the Hollywood liberals.   Liberals have taken God and the Judea-Christian creed out of school, out of government, and out of everyday life.  Instead we have a bunch of principles that are based on whatever the latest humanitarian system of beliefs is.  It is ironic that these liberals are so opposed to the Judaic-Christian background of our country and yet are tolerant of the narrow Islamic philosophy.  I guess that’s the “logic” of liberals.

I recall when I was a child growing up in Queens, NY that things were a lot different.  Back in those days the police were respected, school was a place you went to get an education, and people respected each other.  Drugs were something you took when you were sick and you considered yourself daring if you sneaked a smoke or had a beer!  Not everything was great.  African-Americans faced discrimination and in many parts of the country anyone with a “foreign sounding” name may have been treated less favorably.  However, there was a basic respect for doing the right thing and treating each other in a fair manner.  Abortion was not considered a form of birth control and nobody in their right mind would consider it acceptable to market unborn baby parts.  The family was considered an integral part of society.  Patriotism was considered the norm.

My father was born in a foreign country.  He came to this country – what he called the land of opportunity – worked hard and considered the U.S. the greatest country in the world.  He came to this country with less than a high school education.  However, he believed in hard work and putting his God-given talents to use.  He never asked for a handout.  Rather, through hard work and perseverance he became a successful business man.  There may have been times when “Americans” may have made fun of him because of his accent.  However, he used such comments as an incentive to succeed and succeed he did.  
But, boy have things changed.

·         Mass school shootings have become all too common.

·         New born babies are thrown in dumpsters.

·         Abortion has become an acceptable form of birth control.  The sale of baby parts is defended. 

·         Over 170,000 Christians have been murdered by ISIS because they will not renounce their faith.

·         Police are shot at and killed because they are police.

·         A politician is chastised for saying “all lives matter” not just Black lives. 

·         Recently in Syria a child had his fingers cut off and he was subsequently murdered because his father became a Christian.  At the same time his mother and 11 other women were raped and then murdered by ISIS for the same “offense.”

·         Cities in defiance of federal law offer unlawful immigrants immunity and, in fact, provide them more assistance than they do to their own citizens.

·         Welfare is considered a right.  Many people are on the dole for their entire life without the need to work. 

·         Drug use is rampart and marijuana is considered no more harmful than a cup of coffee.

·         The family unit has collapsed. Today 72.2% of African-American babies are born out of wedlock.  The figure for Hispanics is 53.5% and for whites it is 29.4%.  In 1949 the figure for all out of wedlock births was only 3.7%.

Yes, things were a lot different in the good old days.  It was when the Judaic-Christian creed was thrown out that society changed for the worse.  When individual responsibility is abolished and excuses for bad behavior are the norm, society suffers.  

So, don't blame guns for what has happened in this country.  It is the result of a moral collapse.

Conservative Commentary by James J. Pirretti

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Murray Rosen said...

The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined a phrase in the 90's entitled, "Defining Deviancy Down", which sort of encapsulates what J.J. Perritti said in his editorial. He used this phrase to show that a society has a limit in tolerating bad behavior before it has to start lowering standards. He called it also "moral deregulation". Political correctness is now the offspring of deviant behavior which has been promulgated by the progressive liberals to the detriment of society.

Blinds said...

Guns are not the problem. It's the culture of violence spreading through sanctuary cities and cities run by Liberal Democrats.

Nate said...

There are plenty of forms of cultural deviancy found in the kind of music accepted today. Rappers advocate killing, rape, Cop Killing and other vile acts. Let us not forget the liberal Judges give little to no punishment for criminal behavior so that sends the wrong message to criminals. Our own Government has let Illegal Aliens out of jail recently who have murder, rape and stealing on their record. Today's Democrat Voters are fine with that and accept the crime that our grandparents never would have accepted.