Thursday, October 22, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Attention: Republican Presidential Candidates
We need to hear what your plans are for solving some of the most urgent threats to our nation – i.e., Illegal aliens crossing our borders; the economy that is not recovering but, is faltering; the smothering of the Free Market System by way too much Government regulation; the unfair, oppressive tax system; the crushing national debt run up beyond our ability to make a dent in it; the emasculation of our Armed Forces; the divisive mentality that is Obama’s specialty and that has us pitting one segment of our population against another -  all are vital issues to be addressed by the new President in 2016.
But, it is my assessment that the No.1 issue posing the most dire immediate threat to our security and to our very survival as a people and as a nation is – the rise of the lunacy that is militant Islam!
Under the lunacy that is the Obama Administration, we have not nor will we ever, take any meaningful steps to confront, much less seek, kill & obliterate ISIS or any other form of Islamist lunacy that is bent on destroying Israel and the United States and is dedicated to imposing Sharia law on every square inch of territory around the world.  
Sitting by and waiting to be attacked is lunacy on our part.  The next President of the United States must commit to pre-emptive strikes upon ISIS and the others who would do us harm.  We must seek out and destroy these mortal enemies of freedom and our Western way of civilized life.  If we are to survive; they must be obliterated from the surface of the Earth.  We must hear this from serious candidates for the Presidency.        No backbone, no commitment -  NO VOTE!   Got it?
MORT KUFF  © 9-15-2015
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Jack Reilly said...

Republicans, don't grab defeat from the jaws of victory. The Democrats have a flawed candidate "ready for pickins", in the name of Hillary Clinton. She has more baggage with her than the luggage section at Macy's has. We must not go down the road of 2012 in the primaries by having Republicans bashing and denigrating each other. Look what happened in 2012, many conservatives thought that Romney wasn't conservative enough and as a result stayed home and didn't vote. What did that get us? Four more years of Obama, when we could've had Romney who was ten times better than the Socialist in the White House now. Four more years of Hillary would be a disaster. Wake up Republicans and smell the coffee.