Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ten Ways a Woman Can Screw Up a Relationship or a Marriage

Under the threat of being called a “sexist” (or worse), here goes. Yes, I know it takes two to have a meaningful relationship, but, being a male, I'd like to give you my take and observations of others as to how a woman can screw up a relationship or a marriage. Here's how it can occur.


#10 – Women will insist that the man must accompany them whenever THEY go shopping. Most men think it is a waste of time and effort to schlepp from store to store. Men usually go shopping to buy something they need, buy it, and then leave to go home. It's in the man's genes.

#9 – Women think it is their job to tell men how to drive, what to wear, where to go (sometimes it is “hell”), what to eat, what to say and on and on. But, it is especially dangerous when the woman acts as a “back seat driver” in the car, especially when instructions or advice are not asked for.

#8- Women who mistrust the man's friends by constantly putting them down and criticizing them for no apparent reason other than being jealous of someone else (my evaluation).

#7- Women who constantly nag their man by torturing him like a nerve grating, contentious, non-stop dripping faucet of fault finding and finger pointing.

#6- Women who criticize their man in public by shaming him about something trivial or inane thereby embarrassing him in the eyes of others.

#5- Women who try to keep their man on a short leash like he still is under the control of his mother.

#4- Women who give their man a hard time whenever he wants to sit down and relax by watching his favorite athletic team on T.V. Most women just don't get it, and make life miserable for their man.

#3- Women who seem to take the advice of others in place of the advice their men can give as if their advice is not relevant. Inevitably, the advice given by others is wrong or misleading (especially when it comes to restaurants, friends and movies).

#2- Women who never apologize when she does something that hurts her man, but she expects an apology even for things that are trivial at best or even just imagined that she claims her man has done to her.

#1- Women who become “drama queens” in order to make the atmosphere tense, crazy, or completely out of touch of the normal situation at hand. Tears are used as a weapon, and it usually works.

And a bonus way: Women who will use sex (or lack thereof) as a form of punishment by saying “no sex for you”, unless her man admits he was wrong in the first place.

I'm sure women have their complaints about their men, for as I said before, it takes “two to tango” to live in peace and harmony in a relationship between a woman and her man.

I know what I've listed here will, in some cases, be considered “politically incorrect”, insensitive, or sexist, but it is what many men really think, but are afraid to voice their concerns or opinions for fear of retribution, real or imagined.

Observations by Chuck Lehmann

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