Thursday, June 18, 2015

MORT’s curmudgeonly* meanderings

     We’re all about equitable solutions.
That sweet-faced, tousled-haired young chap who along with his older brother was responsible for killing and maiming Boston Marathon runners and innocent by-standers a couple years back, has been convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection.  Good.
However, given the ratio of lawyers to real people in Boston and the suffocating  preponderance of God-fearing, decent, Goody-two-shoes Liberal Democrats who call Massachusetts home – and who keep sending the likes of the Kennedys, John Kerry & Barney Frank to Washington to keep things mucked-up – plus, the endless appeals available to convicted felons that have been duly sentenced to death – this piece of human flotsam from SomewhereStan-near-Russia, could conceivably live for eight or nine more decades before finally expiring of old age and an attack of convulsive laughter.  
What a miscarriage of justice and what a colossal waste of tax-payer money. I’ve given this matter at least a half-hour’s concentrated thought and have finally arrived at a curmudgeonly conclusion that I consider to be a rather satisfactory solution:
The Sovereign State of Massachusetts in its early days, made frequent and very effective use of an ingeniously simple device called, the Stock.  While the perp was seated behind this device with his head showing above it, his hands and feet were immobilized by being locked into openings in the heavy oak boards that formed a wall in front of him.  Certainly for those times and even in these politically-correct times, not an inhumane device.
Thus, the perp became available to the public for target-spitting, invective-hurling and the ever-popular, ‘stoning’.  Why not place the tousled-haired young chap in a Stock located in a public square every other day so that Boston Marathon aficionados while on their lunch hour, could ‘relate’?  And, and on alternate days, let him spend his leisure time in his private prison cell receiving medical attention and recouping as necessary.  If he lasts a week, Taxachussetts might well consider levying an entertainment tax on the hard-working middle-class - just to make things appear to have a flavor of ‘equality & fairness’.
                                                                                          MORT KUFF   © 5-15-2015
                                                                                               *cranky old codger

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Franklin Rose said...

I presume liberals will argue against the death penalty for the marathon bomber, but will argue for abortion up until the baby leaves the womb. Isn't there a disconnect there? The misinformed liberal will argue for choice on a woman's right to have an abortion, but will be against school choice so poor people can get their kids a better education. The hypocrisy of the liberal shows no bounds.