Sunday, June 7, 2015

Is Pope Francis a Marxist/Socialist?

It has been a little over a year since Pope Francis was elevated to the exalted position of Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. During that short period of time, he has been perceived as a personable guy who champions the poor and downtrodden. To the people of the left, who generally despise religion and the religious people who run it, he is looked upon in glowing terms for his policies which seem to be somewhat different from his predecessors (more liberal).

Pope Francis is a product of Argentina (the 1st Pope from outside of Europe), a left-leaning country which has espoused a Marxist/Socialist agenda for quite some time. It seems that Pope Francis has brought that philosophy with him to the Vatican.

Over the past year, the Pope has commented on and supported some highly controversial topics which have included gay rights, global warming, income redistribution, and he has cosied up with some undemocratic characters like Raul Castro of Cuba, and Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestine Authority. His rhetoric seems to have been taken from the playbook of Karl Marx - the father of Socialism. The Pope seems to be a throwback to the 60's and 70's, when “liberation theology” was all the rage in many Latin countries, including Argentina.

In his own words, the Pope rejects the idea. “ that “economic growth”, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world”. Those are high sounding words touched with compassion for the poor, but in reality, does he believe that all men should be financially equal regardless as to what they have produced for society? Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, seems to be preaching from the same hymnal.

It seems to me that his compassion for the underdog (the poor) has blinded him to the effects of what he preaches. He doesn't seem to realize that when you take from the producers to give to the under-producers to try to even out the playing field, you take away the incentive for the entrepreneur to innovate and expand his economic horizons, which in turn which would produce more jobs for the poor and downtrodden. He bemoans “trickle-down economics” while championing “trickle-up poverty” (my evaluation). Could it be that that his economic background is influenced by his life spent in Argentina and their socio-economic system?

Just recently, he proclaimed that the Vatican will recognize Palestine as a separate state (without consultation with Israel). This is purely a political move and is subject to criticism, especially by Israel. Is he now giving credence to both Hamas and the Palestine Authority who have proclaimed that the State of Israel should not exist? It seems that way, doesn't it?

Some have said that Pope Francis is showing his naivete in in matters pertaining to economics and politics, and seem to imply that he should stick to the problems of the Catholic Church and its doctrines instead of venturing into the economic and political matters of the world.

With organized religion taking a beating in the world press and on college campuses, it is ironic that the Pope is surprisingly popular in the media and on college campuses right now. Since Marxism/Socialism is quite popular in academia at present, it sort of proves that Pope Francis and his philosophy has matched their own leftist view of the world.

Maybe the Pope should heed the words of Sir Winston Churchill who once opined that, “If you're not a liberal by the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you're not a conservative by the age of 40, you have no brains”. Although the Pope is nearing 80, it might be too late for him to change his mind, but we can hope that the hierarchy of the church could make him soften his rhetoric and views when it comes to economics and politics.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann


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Not a democrat said...

The Pope says many Marxists are good people? Look at how many People are tortured or die needlessly under Communism or Marxism. Why doesn't the Pope hand out the church's wealth and give it back to the poor? You lead by example Pope, start giving away your gold, all your works of art, property and then we'll talk.

Charles O'Reilly said...

All the good intentions of the Pope do not hold up to scrutiny. If he quacks like duck, talks like a duck, and walks like a duck he must be a duck, so it is with his rhetoric and that of Karl Marx. How can he embrace both Mahmoud Abbas (the Palestinian Authority), and Raul Castro (Cuba) and not seem to be out of touch with reality? Next he'll probably meet with Putin and Kim Jung il, another group of atheists. I think the Pope is going to get the Nobel Prize for Navite.

George Giftos said...

Through the ages since the beginning of Christianity, mortal Catholic clergy have chosen one of their own to Popehood. Few have risen to the state of sainthood, but many were proven to be mere self serving politicians, rather than theologians to lead, protect and preserve the church's tenets.
Intrigue and actions to the detriment of their congregants persisted when they acted outside the church and into the political arena. Mid-east theocratic states are cause for world turmoil. The Vatican is a theocratic state that should
confine itself to the gospel and not get involved with international affairs,
unless its mission is threatened. Our First Amendment was conceived to prevent a theocratic America.
The Pope's good intentions are naive if he hopes to alter the path of these nations sworn to the demise of Christian and capitalist nations. Leave utopia in heaven, because it can never be on earth.