Sunday, September 28, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Just boys being boys.
Long- time Georgia Rep. John Lewis (D) wants the President to declare Marshall Law in Ferguson, MO. so that really serious, peaceful protestors against perceived police excessive use of firearms, can peacefully dissent in an orderly fashion, while other not-so-seriously peaceful protestors can smash store windows, ransack the interiors and make off with the stacks of goodies assembled for sale by greedy, white store owners.  Just boys being boys.
Then, there is the overworked, vacation-deprived President and Commando-in-Chief Obama and his overworked, intelligence-deprived Secretary of State Kerry, who have declared in no uncertain terms, that our long-standing best ally in the Middle East, tiny Israel, has the right to defend itself against its 23 Arab neighbors who  have sworn to blow up it up, and kill every Jew they find. The raw courage displayed by Obama & Kerry in taking this unpopular stand is unprecedented in the annuls of the entire history of courageous, civilized man.
As a token of his concern for the safety of Israel and its population, Obama the Brave, has stopped this Government from sending missiles and weaponry to our most loyal friend in the Middle East and has ordered that all U.S. military agencies consult with John Kerry's Dept. of State before approving any additional requests from Israel for military aid. What greater display of loyalty, dedication and support could Israel ask?
When Obama declares to the world that he has Israel's back, it might be wise to take note of the long, sharp blade he holds in his hand as he defends Israel's back.  Kerry for his part, can't help himself from putting pressure on Israel's PM Bibi Netanyahu to back off from the violence of Israel defending itself against the daily barrage of rockets  indiscriminately-aimed and fired into Israel - and from Hamas terrorists sneaking through dozens of tunnels under the border between Gaza and Israel, through which they revel in playing Islamic Jihad against innocent Israelis - killing them or kidnapping them for ransom.    As we say,  it's just a case of boys being boys.

MORT KUFF  © 8-16-2014

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