Sunday, September 14, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Are you up for a little experiment?
Call me slightly Islamophobic but here's something I think should be tried: Starting with Barack Hussein Obama, I believe that everyone with a Muslim name who is involved in any way in our Federal Government, should be yanked out by their roots and all security clearances revoked like, at once.
I'd like to see them all sent to Qatar for a period of one year, following the 5-4-1 prisoner swap precedent that was recently established by this president.  They should all be housed in and restricted to, a tent city that is surrounded by four rows of razor-wire at least 16 ft. high. They should be fed three squares a day, consisting solely of pig-by products. And, the only reading matter permitted should be signed copies of Hillary's new book.
At the end of their year in beautiful, idyllic Qatar, they should be transported directly to Nigeria, with no intermediate stops.  They should be set free to roam and sight-see on their own, without passports or identification of any sort; with no weapons except for Obama's golf clubs; no cell phones; and with no means of sustenance or humanitarian assistance of any kind.
Let them become charges of the kinder, gentler Nigerian Tyrant-in-Chief and let them be free to practice the 'religion of peace' as they will. Let's see how that goes for a while.
Here comes the 'experiment' part - Let's watch to see if our Government can survive without the benefits of being educated and informed by the genius beliefs & teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood including, Shariah.
Let's see if our military, the CIA, the FBI and all the other departments and agencies that have been polluted by Islamist indoctrination, can actually  exist and survive without the heretofore un-needed rations of horse-shit.  Let's try it for 4 years - okay?

MORT KUFF  © 6-16-2014

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Don Medland said...

Too many people make excuses for the Muslims as if just a tiny handful of Muslims are creating havoc and the atrocities around the world. If a low-ball figure of 10% of Muslims are deemed moderate, that leaves 150 million terrorists who want to cut your head off. On Chuck's home page he has a video telling 3 things you might not know about Islam. Check it out, it might open up your mind about that "peaceful" religion called Islam.