Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Just Can't Believe!

That some women (and some men also) would mutilate their
bodies with hideous tattoo's and body piercings. I wonder if
there is a shortage of mirrors in the home for these people to
see what they look like?

That people who are moderately obese and worse, would wear
Spandex pants and bare midriffs. It's like trying to put 10 lbs
of potatoes in a 5lb bag.

That some people, with all the scandals, coverups, and lies,
would still give Obama the benefit of the doubt. I guess there
are none so blind as those that will not see?

That the people who want to legalize marijuana for
recreational use, can claim, with a straight face,
that using marijuana is a harmless, mind
altering drug that is not harmful to the body and mind of the
user, when medical evidence says just the opposite.

That most people in favor of raising the minimum wage,
never ran or operated a profit making business or worked
in the private sector, and don't realize that, in many cases, that
they will be hurting, financially, the unskilled or low-paid
workers they claim they want to help.

That we let all kinds of people into our country under the
guise of being “compassionate”, but let our veterans suffer
neglect for lack of timely treatment in our VA hospitals.
There seems to be a disconnect there.

That our President, in times of crisis and world turmoil, can
indulge himself by playing golf (200 times), going on
vacations, and attending $35,000 a plate fund-raising events,
instead of tending to the duties of being the president.
It seems that the lights are on in the White House, but
nobody is home.

That our former Marine veteran, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi,
is still languishing in a Mexican prison under dubious
circumstances for making a wrong turn into Mexico and
being arrested by Mexican police for having legal firearms
in his truck. You'd think that the influence of our President
or Secretary of State would have negotiated his release by
now? What a disgrace.

That mostly unelected judges and feckless state
legislatures have decided that 3%, the number of the LBGT
population, can overturn the will of the people by
declaring that marriage should and could be legal for same
sex couples (and/or for other combinations) in addition to
traditional marriage between one man and one woman
which has been the norm for thousands of years.

That if you criticize or condemn the policies of our first
black president, you are labeled a racist and/or a bigot. Is a
man of color off-limits to criticism just because of his
color? This is America, not Cuba or the Soviet Union.

That atheists (and the ACLU) want prayer banned from
all public places (schools, athletic events etc.), but that
condoms and birth control information is acceptable as a

That political correctness, espoused by unelected busy -
bodies (mainly of a liberal bent), have caused chaos in
many peoples lives and livelihoods. The stifling of free
speech has diminished the verbal intercourse between
people and has caused animosity among the races, the
sexes, and the wealthy and not so wealthy. It is not the
color or sex of the person that is the problem, but how thin
his or her skin is.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Murray Rosen said...

To carry out the theme of this editorial, I can't believe that a person with no military background (Obama), would announce to our enemies (ISIS) what he would not do in fighting them. I'm surprised the general's don't resign en masse to show the idiocy of this former Community Organizer, who would lead them to defeat. What a disgrace.

Unknown said...

That Black NFL players having 4 children with 4 different women at the same time and their fans giving them the same respect, thinking forefathers is patriotic.