Thursday, August 14, 2014

MORT's meanderings

         You can't expect a Community
         Organizer to change his spots.

After six plus years of listening to Obama's slick talk, him saying one thing and then doing precisely the opposite, we are dead certain of one thing - he's not going to change.  He couldn't change even if he wanted to.  It simply ain't not possible.
There's no 'there' there.  He is a Saul Alinksy ideologue - he was raised to feel downtrodden , discriminated against and ashamed of everything that his Father perceived as wrong with the Western world that had  'colonized' and victimized all the poor people on Earth.  He dedicated himself to vindicating his lunatic Father's whim.
Early in his life, he was recognized as a 'comer' in the shadow world of Socialism.  Once selected, a series of ideologue manipulators began to groom him for future stardom as a revolutionary.  He was imbued with an unprecedented degree of arrogance, resulting from the path that was always smoothed in front of him - causing him to think that he was really something special.  It was the genesis of his self-delusion.  The die was cast.
Combine that with his advanced case of Narcissism (just a wild guess on my part) and you have a candidate for the presidency, with absolutely no practical experience at managing anything except tying his shoes.  But, someone with a perpetual hard-on for getting even with the United States of America for being so damned successful and getting even with it's people for being so genius as to have stayed free under The Constitution, since its founding. He despises our Constitution with his entire being.
So, based upon his smooth oratory, his coffee-colored skin and his clean look (thanks, Joe Biden) and his promises of fundamentally changing America - code for putting the unions and the something-for-nothing crowd first  in line for redistribution of other people's wealth - he was elected President.  There's no cure for the stupidity of some clueless, careless, something-for-nothing voters.  
We see where that landed us - at death's door.  He has to go.  He won't go of his own volition, it'll take some brave hearts in the Congress to impeach him.  Whether it will be done in time to save our nation - we'll have to wait and see.

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Joe Cincotta said...

Obama's head is so firmly planted up his butt, it is unlikely that he'll ever have another point of view.