Sunday, August 24, 2014

MORT's meanderings

President Barack Hussein Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel should all burn in Hell for disrespecting the service of U. S. Army Major General Harold Greene, recently killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.  All three of them are traitors.
According to news reports, none of these three officials were in attendance at the recent interment service for Major General Greene at Arlington National Cemetery.  I want to know precisely what each of them was doing that was so much more damned important than honoring this Commanding General who was killed while serving on the battle field in Afghanistan?
In addition to blatantly displaying their disrespect for our Military, each of these 'men-in-name-only', individually displayed their personal cowardice by failing to attend the ceremony and face the public in view of their disgusting, anti-U.S. Military attitudes.
Also missing, was a fourth miscreant - Secretary of State John F. Kerry.  Because of his documented piss-poor record of questionable service during his four months spent in Viet Nam and his litany of traitorous behavior since, his presence would have only added to the insult and dishonor being shown to a fallen hero.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing the President and his top appointees can say or do that will ameliorate the intentional, egregious insult heaped upon Major General Harold Greene, his family and every single man and woman who volunteered and currently serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.   Worse yet if that is possible, this President and his three co-haters have intentionally and egregiously insulted and dishonored every veteran and every single dead American who lies beneath a marble marker in that vast Arlington National Cemetery.
It is my solemn prayer that Obama, Biden, Hagel and Kerry never know a moment's peace in their souls, as long as they live.  And after that, the Keeper of Records in Hell can take over.

MORT KUFF  ©  8-16-2014

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