Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tradition v. Trendy Political Correctness

Although in truth, the forces of Yin-Yang do not depict good and evil. My
concept is to describe them as the difference between Traditionalism (Yin)
and Trendy Political Correctness (Yang).

There is a lot of bad in the world today and much can be attributed to how
and what people interpret to be their values.

Morality, family structure, ethics, decency, humility and honesty have taken
a beating, caused by overwhelming the Yin with the Yang against each other.
It has a lot to do with politics, and with a multitude of special interest groups
holding key positions of influence, lobbying politicians for favorable legislation
to enhance their enterprises, who also have special interests, and a need for
backers to finance their perpetual re-election bids. This super cedes any
interest benefiting their constituents.

Yin-Yang disparity started long ago in the Garden of Eden, that continues
today, victimizing the vulnerable by modern day snakes, dispensing venom
upon them, with smut, drugs and freebie bribes to control their souls under
the pretense of concern for them.

University professors who were marinated in the radical juices of the sixties,
and many public school NEA teachers are responsible for the clueless who
appear staring into the headlights of questioners, when interviewed by "Man
in the Street" segments, occasionally aired by some television programs.
After sacrificing to meet expensive tuition and student loans, many adult
children are living in their parents basement. Not because jobs are not
available, but because they lack the initiative their parents had to get ahead,
 expecting everything to be handed to them.

Mean while, they need their recreation consisting of hanging out in the local
watering hole getting soused and smoking a joint while contemplating their
next tattoo, texting friends while listening to rappers rhyming profanity.
How heart breaking for a parent to see their pride and joy end up in the jug
on a DUI or busted for possession, especially if it's a mug shot of their little
princess they had so many high hopes for.

Multi-fathered fatherless families are a tragedy, but unwed parents, or two
same gender cohabitants is now considered trendy. It is politically incorrect to
criticize or comment negatively against any of it because it carries the label
of racism and bigotry. Attempt to criticize abortionists because of your
Christian pro life belief and be accused of waging war against women.
The tradition of motherhood with husband has been time honored; not
 neo-trendy unions that dishonor womanhood and fatherhood.

Prepare to get hammered by "Bathhouse Brides" if you utter disdain about
 same sex marriage, wrongly labeled being homophobic, because disdain
 has nothing to do with fear.

The big industrial complex, entertainment and marketing tycoons run the
 country with high paid lobbyists bent on breaking the back of tradition for
 new avenues of profit by prompting our elected officials to bend the odds
 in favor of Yang against Yin. The hope and change they voted for, didn't
bargain for.

Conservative article by George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies

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