Saturday, November 16, 2013

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If you like your President,
you can keep your President.
I don't like him.  I don't want him. I never did.  I never will. Nor, do I want anything to do with  his kakamamy ObamaCAIR. Contrary to the cutesy title, it is definitely not  an affordable health care act.  It was and is, a disaster. So, if you like him, you can keep him but, not in my White House.   You can go someplace else and take him with you.  He can keep his teleprompters but, we keep Air Force One.  From now on, he flies commercial - out of his own or George Soros's pocket. Good luck wif dat.

I'm sympathetic toward  people who are not insured against the very real possibility of a catastrophic health care issue however, as serious as that can be - it is not  a sufficient reason to make health care available free, to everyone who cannot or will not fend for themselves or, to accommodate millions of  aliens who have violated our immigration laws by illegally entering the country. - nor, is it  sufficiently justifiable cause to destroy the relationship that  many millions of Americans had with their insurance carriers, with whom they were satisfied.. Nor, is it sensible or realistic to force a program down the throats of the American people and make upper income brackets pay the tab for lower brackets.  This gets to the heart of this President's socialist ideology that dictates equal distribution of wealth from the wallets of truly hard working middle income folks, to those with out-stretched hands.   
It is an idiotic, un-American, thoroughly stupid idea - one that could only have been advocated and  manipulated into law, by an abhorrent someone who has never held a real job, never met a payroll, never accomplished anything of value in his life - but, one who has been elected and re-elected by an entire generation of 'something-for-nothing' addicts, racist apologists and the more corrupt elements of the Democrat Party leadership.
More than 70% of the American population had expressed many times over, that they did not want this cumbersome Governmental power grab.  Americans ain't stupid, y'know.  Complicit members of Congress who ignored the message from their constituents - were and are - stupid, that is.  It is worth noting that not one, single Republican voted for Obamacare.  As a group, they recognized - 'stupid'.
Unlike the healthcare - insurance 'expert',  Mr. Un-informed  Know-it-All  Barack Hussein Obama, most otherwise intelligent Americans do not seem to have viewed their  health insurance carriers  as, purveyors of  sub-par insurance products.  Most folks didn't feel as if their insurance companies were 'bad apple' companies foisting inferior policies onto their customers, whom they considered to be unintelligent and clueless.  But, that's how myopic Obama views it.
I don't recall hearing that characterization - 'bad apple insurance companies' used until just a few weeks ago. Obama is great at creating his own language, his own definitions, even his own facts but - he doesn't know 'jack' about health care.  Nor, does he really doesn't give a damn about it - what he seeks is total control over the population - and he is determined to recruit more and more people who can be counted on to vote Democrat.  If you think there is any other motivation for his interminable speech-making, fund-raising, lying and deceptions - - - think again.
MORT KUFF  © 11-12-2013

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