Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Unqualified. Unsuited. Unfit.
Our country is being driven on a fast-track toward certain destruction by an unbelievably large percentage of our elected officials.  This includes the currently-serving President, his  entire administration and an overwhelming majority of those currently serving in the U. S. Congress.  I state without equivocation, that there are far too many who are unqualified, unsuited and unfit to hold their offices.  Moreover, they are by extension, unqualified, unsuited and unfit to govern our affairs.  
Furthermore, these people are enabled and assisted in their misguided efforts, by multitudes of  appointees and advisors who are equally unqualified, unsuited and unfit to advise.
After a seriously considered assessment of the most common motivations that could possibly be driving  those whom I accuse - I've come to the conclusion  sadly, that the endemial spread of corruption and malfeasance is directly attributable to a large majority of politically-motivated and patently self-centered, elected officials.  This assessment extends also, to a large majority of their appointees and the descending chain of associated enablers.  It is all simply, too staggering to contemplate. The reality is embarrassing to admit and so, therein lies a big part of the problem.
There are exceptions, of course.  There are many men and women of principle who are totally dedicated and completely committed to thoughtful and honest service, not only to their own constituencies but also, to the entire citizenry of the United States.  This goes as well, for those men and women to whom we owe so much - those who serve in our Military - our Armed Forces. They are to be honored, revered and given our maximum support for their adherence to the tenets of and to the original intent of The Constitution.  These are true representatives of the people, who believe in the value of the principles and traditions that have made this nation 'exceptional'.  Let me state without reservation, my strongly-held opinion that anyone who does not share these principles and these values, cannot be considered as a worthy citizen of this great nation. Is that clear enough?
Elections have consequences.  We've been through five years of our nation being  convulsed by the imposition of many-times failed ideologies and the unprecedented application of extremely tyrannical regulations & controls set upon all aspects of our American life.  We've been brought to the brink of economic collapse by egregiously irresponsible spending policies that are unique to this President and his enabling Democrats.  Plus, some reckless Republicans in the Congress.  We've been brought to a condition of such ineffective border security, that our national sovereignty is not longer valid.  Crime, terrorism, racism, street violence and the widening encroachment of vehemently anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American Islamists have been permitted to take over our nation.  These forces are now, right now - operating freely and unfettered; they are completely out of control.   
It is the obligation of every single citizen to face up to these abhorrent  situations, educate themselves regarding practical solutions and then, set about making the changes necessary to save our nation. Don't ask, 'What can I do?'  It is your civic duty to investigate on your own and then, take appropriate action that is within your capability. You can do it.  If not you - - then who?
MORT KUFF  © 9-6-2013

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