Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aren't you glad you voted for Obama?

It took decade upon decade to try to erase racism. Much progress was made
since the 60's toward this end.

Many bloody battles were fought toward worker rights that gave us the
40 hour week, before unions over stepped their purpose.

The American dream was to own your own home and build equity and pass it
on to your children, for them to built from your sweat and toil.

Naively the politically unsophisticated thought by voting for a black,
smooth talking politician like Barack Obama, with promises that a new
America will rise for prosperity and equality for everyone, and that
it will finally bury racial prejudice forever.

During his tenure in the presidency we can approximate 46 million people
on food stamps, 14 million unemployed...about 1 in 13, and 1.4 million
losing their homes.

White against black is becoming more apparent with the gap becoming wider
each time he opens his mouth.

The 40 hour week will vanish because of the nonsensical demands made by
unions in the past and the Affordable Care Health Act, a.k.a Obamacare
criteria. Most of the work force will become shifts of part time workers.
The middle class has been caught between big government and greedy
corner office executives.

The middle class is fading as is the dream to owning a home, where
construction for rental properties is increasing in many cities and home
town America. The bank barons make it impossible for the individual to
secure a loan leaving venture capitalists to gobble up many of the
foreclosures with cash.

Are these the changes Barack Obama promised you for your vote and
hoped you would get?

To sum up this president's administration, "I'm paying more for less,
while others pay nothing for more!"

Conservative opinions from George Giftos

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