Thursday, September 12, 2013

MORT's meanderings

The  ObamaDEVIL made me do it.
After talking tough a year ago, drawing a red line in the sand and trying to make the world believe that he had a strategy and actually knew what in hell he was doing, this pretend-President was caught up in his own web of deceit.  
Some lunatics in Syria used nerve gas recently, killing hundreds of people - and so, they tossed the ball right back into Obama's court, thereby, causing him the extreme embarrassment of having to 'put up or shut up'. Damn - that shouldn't  oughta have happened.  So, he opened up his big yap again, wide enough so that he could put his foot in it again, and said that he'd shoot-em-up over there in Syria land - - not to get rid of Assad as he had called for doing, a while back - but, just to let them know that we don't cotton to nobody using such an ugly weapon of war.  After all, Barack Hussein Obama, who never served in the Military - or served anything else except his own selfish interest,  but who somehow knows a thing or two about weapons of mass destruction - draws a red line when it comes to using nerve gas.  I mean, the guy has his principles - y'know.
Well the nasty stuff hit the fan and our Allies (meaning Great Britain) decided that they weren't having any part of this stupidity - Parliament said, "No, nothin' doin".   So, Obama, leading from the rear again, checked into his bible ( 'Basic Narcissism #101 ) and came up with a brilliant idea - - "Hey, let's dump this one onto the Congress - - of course, they'll never go for my idea but, I'll be able to blame them for road-blocking me, one mo' time".
Well Folks, here's my 'direct order' to all congressional Republicans - Vote against sending any of our missiles, drones or firecrackers to Syria. Let them gas each other into Islam-Jihad heaven.  But, let's keep our fleet off-shore just to let Russia, China, the Saudis and other vermin states know that we are there to protect and defend our ally, Israel and if it comes to that - to bomb the daylights out of Iran.
So, all Congressmen and women of character who proudly wear the (R) after their names, should make it a point to contact their constituents to explain their vote and to place the blame for this dangerous maneuver to set fire to the Middle East and cause Israel to disappear - directly onto the head of Barack Hussein Obama.  Every Republican worthy of the Party affiliation,  should dump a full load of blame & shame onto Obama.  He should be dumped on and dumped on until he is totally buried in blame for this mess.  Obama is the one who is directly responsible for these acts of treason. He should never be permitted to recover politically, from this travesty.  
The world should know that we recognize the terrible mistake our nation made, in hiring this agent of Diablo to be our President.  We should show the world that flag that says, "Don't tread on me."
MORT KUFF    © 9-1-2013

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Anonymous said...

Remember Teddy Roosevelt who said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick", well, in Obama-speak it is, "Speak loudly and carry a feather duster". This fraud in the White House has no "cajones". What a disgrace, he is making the U.S.A. the laughing-stock of the world. Thank you liberals for electing this incompetent as our leader.