Sunday, January 13, 2013

MORT’s Meanderings

Obama’s Nominutz.

One thing is for ‘dang sure’ now that our ‘Lord & Masters, Barack & Hussein & Obama’ have been re-elected by the clueless, the careless, the corrupt, the cowardly and the cabbage-heads - - his future nomination of incompetents to the highest posts in our Federal Government, will continue.

I call them ‘Nominutz’. Anyone out there need clarification?

In a piece I wrote titled, “Obama’s endless supply of fruits & nuts” (12-3-2012) and in another piece titled, “Continuity of Incompetence is assured” (12-15-2012), I expressed my gut thoughts about this issue. I covered what I consider to be the inevitable imposition of Socialist lunacy at the top, guaranteed by Obama’s continued appointments from his endless supply of Nominutz, and their confirmation by a cowardly, complicit Congress. Did I hear someone mention a THIRD TERM?


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