Sunday, January 20, 2013

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How will we respond to the violence that is coming?

It is my assessment that the number-one threat facing our national security and hence, the number-one threat to the very survival of our liberty and traditional American way of life, is the encroachment of Islam-Shariah-Jihad.

And, the number-one tactic in the war Islam is waging against freedom-loving people worldwide, including the United States, is violence. The threat of violence and actual violent attacks are what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about. Examples abound in every country where Muslim populations have swamped urban areas and been allowed to intimidate local authorities into submitting to demands for ‘accommodation’. What the MB, CAIR and all the other Muslim groups mean by ‘accommodation’ is, a never-ending stream of demands for special recognition and special treatment for miscreant Muslims plus, assured building & occupancy permits for more and more mosques.

It is quite clear that neither this committed Muslim President, his sicko-psycho enablers or his Zombie followers are inclined in the slightest, to put up any kind of resistance to those who would violate, torture and murder U. S. citizens abroad. This means that top- down, this Administration is in denial, it is cowardly or, unapologetically sympathetic to the blood- thirsty methods of the ultra-radical movement know as, Islam-Shariah-Jihad.

We note with disgust, that given the behavior of Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder during Obama’s first term, the American people learned that violence against our citizens within our borders, would be tolerated without so much as the blinking of an eye. Further- violence, atrocities and even murder against our citizens and their property overseas, including attacks on our official Embassies, has been tolerated without blink, by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her responses have been typical in that they are weasel-worded, obtuse and lacking in specifics. Worse yet, they are usually delivered so long after the fact, as to seem almost unrelated to the offensive event. .

Can we look forward to anything other than more strident stagecraft, more bluster and

more bloviating from John Kerry, presuming he whizzes through the Senate confirmation process as expected? It would have been difficult for this President to have chosen a more inappropriate, more incompetent, more delusional radical than Kerry (who by the way, served in Viet Nam). He and his three lavender Purple Hearts will hold sway over an ever more Swiss-cheese-like Diplomacy on the Potomac – all to the detriment of the already soiled reputation and national security of the United States. In response to the inevitable cries of, “Give him a chance” I say – “Instead of giving him the opportunity to dis-serve this nation as Secretary of State, make him the Ambassador to North Viet Nam. He is a perfect fit to buddy up with the VietNamNorth-dwarf President – treacherous and traitorous birds of a feather, so to speak.

And so, with the official attitude both at the Department of Justice and the Department of State being so totally wobbly and weak-spined, it is also inevitable that we’ll see more threats and more actual violence from the various, benignly-named Muslim organizations within our borders. And overseas, we’ll see continued violence and bloody attacks on our citizens and property by Al Qaeda and other Islamo-thug groups. Further, I predict it will all begin shortly following Obama’s Inauguration. When he swears to preserve and protect the Constitution, it will be yet another example of how he blasphemes the very principles upon which this nation was founded. The Muslim term for such deception is, ‘Taquiyya’. If you are not familiar with that term yet, get to know it.

My question is: “How will we respond to the violence that is coming?” We know for certain that it is headed our way. We know for certain who the perpetrators will be. We just don’t know exactly where or when they will strike. But, we are certain that it will be aimed at ‘soft targets’, with the objective of killing as many innocent Americans as they can. There isn’t any doubt that the bad guys are planning multiple attacks that will be timed to coordinate simultaneously with other events at wide-spread locations, guaranteeing the greatest human carnage and causing the most universal chaos possible.

Being the devilishly clever, evil miscreants they are, they will be testing how we respond by staging several ‘dry-runs’ before initiating their first multi-location terrorist event, here in the United States.

So, I repeat my question: “How will we respond to the violence that is coming?” There was once a time, in fairly recent memory, when it would have been reasonable to presume that somewhere within the complexity of our Federal Government, there were organized groups of people addressing themselves specifically to this kind of threat. Sadly today, we can’t be so certain. That is most unfortunate.

It is my long-held suspicion that chaos and civil disorder are exactly what Barack Hussein Obama and his group-think enablers want to see occur. And, occur with the accompanying human carnage mentioned previously. Why? Why? Because that is precisely the excuse Obama needs to put his ‘personal Police Force’ onto the nation’s streets. That is the condition ‘trigger’ he is watching for. It is all the reason he needs to invoke his presumed authority permitting him to send his army out to take control of all activity in the nation – in order to ‘maintain peace and tranquility’. Yeah, right.

Does this sound far-fetched to you? How many examples in recent history would you like me to cite? Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Gadhafi, Kim Jong il, Idi Amin, Assad, Chavez, Mao, Saddam Hussein, Amadinejad – to name a few. They all used violence to achieve their objectives. And, how did the people in their respective countries respond? It is a matter of record that whatever resistance they were able to mount, wasn’t sufficient to effectively deter the rise to omnipotent power by each of these despots.

Pray tell me, what is different about the approach to gain power by all the aforementioned despots – and Barack Hussein Obama’s mad dash toward total dictatorship?

Call him King, call him Monarch, call him Potentate or call him President - the result is the same – total control over each and every aspect of the lives of every man, woman and child in the United States of America. Is that what we want?

I ask you again: “How will we respond to the violence that is coming?”

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Reclaim America said...

Yes, look at all the violence already from OWS (occupy Wall Street) that was not reported on in order to shield the King. Look at all the violence from those Flash Mobs made up of gang members that did not get reported. Look at all the Violence against Whites after Trayvon Martin was killed that did not get reported. The MSM is just another Wing of the Regime.

Stop Marxism said...

Tom Trento is exposing the Muslim Brotherhood's "Offensive Jihad" against America and Israel that was not reported by the vile MSM Cowards.