Thursday, December 20, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Continuity of incompetence is assured.

The machinations of evolving the decision to select his nominee for Secretary of Defense being made by Obama, the Great Decision-Maker-in-Chief, are almost palpable. Decisions like this are far more difficult than just voting, ‘Present’.

One thing we can count on – whichever of the incompetents, among them Chuck Hagel, John Kerry or a grotesque dwarf named, ‘Honey-Boo-Boo’ – the choice will be one that does nothing to improve our national security. A replacement for Leon Panetta is just that - the replacement of a proven incompetent by another incompetent with absolutely no experience – none, nada. So much for what should be the primary consideration, that is - who would be the best person to oversee our national security?

On the other hand, if one is concerned that the new Secretary of Defense will be dutifully compliant and sufficiently malleable to carry out the mandate of this President – that of neutering our military and reducing it to a state of total incapacity to defend our national security – then the choice of incompetents becomes simply, a beauty contest.

The integration of females with male crews on aircraft carriers and other fighting units, was the first break in the centuries-old tradition of ‘men-only’ sent to the front lines to wage war. There are pros and cons in the argument as to how best to allow females to serve in the armed forces, on a par with males. So, when it comes to the make up of the front-line teams we send to defend our liberty, we find ourselves still awaiting a Solomon to bring forth his wisdom. In the meantime, ‘men-only’ seems to be the best option.

The nullification of the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ way of handling ‘gays in the military’, was a resounding victory for those who choose the ‘alternate’ lifestyle. But, it has proven to be a severe impediment to the absolute necessity for coherence in the military from the smallest units, i.e.- aircrews or infantry squads, to companies, battalions and armies.

And as if these complications weren’t enough, we now have a recently re-elected President who has a terribly skewed view of what the military is all about. He views it as a tool to bring about social justice. Or (facetiously, of course), as a source of labor for tilling the White House vegetable garden under the supervision of the First Lady. Look no further than the latest advertising slogan imposed upon the U.S. Navy’s recruiting program: “The U.S.Navy, a Force for Good”.

Since when is a military force that has been created solely to break things and kill people in its sworn duty to protect and defend this nation and its citizens – since when is such a killing machine to be described in a namby-pamby term like, a ‘Force for Good’?

C’mon man, we might as well dress our armed forces in pink ‘camo’, adorned with lace & pink ribbons and send them out with sling shots as weapons and badminton shuttlecocks as ammo. Such a ‘Force for Good’ is guaranteed to defeat the blood- thirsty forces of Islamist terrorists and keep our shores safe from harm. Thanks Obama – you sure know a lot about leading from behind and defending this nation. Not!

And so my children -

“Ask not what is best for our country – rather, ask what is best for the enemies of the United States”.

Does it really matter who is the next Secretary of Defense? No, it doesn’t. Obama has rigged the system so that the continuity of incompetence is assured.

Now, let’s get onto more important decisions - - where shall the President plan to vacation next?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Walter Cusack said...

It seems that Mort meant that John Kerry was a candidate for Secretary of State and Charles Hagel for Secetary of Defense. Both, however, seem to be lacking that fervor whereby the average citizen can have confidence in their appointed leaders. Kerry was harsh critic of the Vietnam War while he was still a member of the Navy. His fellow Swift Boat commanders organized against him when he ran for president which was not a vote of confidence, to say the least. Chuck Hagel, former Senator, is looked upon as being anti-Israel, our reliable ally in the Middle East. Can't we find candidates that offer stability and coinfidence, not a couple of re-treads?