Sunday, December 23, 2012

Would Obama Be President if He was White?

To some, that would be a “racist” question because anything negative you would say about him is a “racist” statement, but what would your answer be to that question?

Was Obama elected because of the policies he espoused, or because he was a symbol to assuage the guilt of a good portion of the voting public (the white vote), and of course, he was the favorite son of the minority communities who voted overwhelmingly for him (blacks 95%, Hispanics 71%, Asians 73% etc.)?

There is no doubt in my mind that emotion was the major factor in his election and re-election, facts and common sense were put on the back burner and the results of his presidency, so far, has shown that to be true. We are still in the economic and foreign policy funk that he found in 2009. We are no better off today, even with all the wasteful spending he has instituted and the debt he has piled up.

What did Obama have to offer the electorate to make him so attractive to the voting public? He had a minimal amount of experience in government, economics, and in executive positions (in fact, none). His major accomplishments, if you call them that, was as a college lecturer (who taught Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”) and being a Community Organizer in Chicago‘s inner city. He was an unknown with a “silver tongue”, but the one aspect of him that stood out for him was that he was “black” (actually only half black).

His whole life, up until he ran for president, was being associated with radical people. His parents (including his step-father) were radical socialists, his mentor in Hawaii during his teen years was Frank Marshall Davis, who was an avowed Communist, his grand-parents were left-wing radicals, his professors, who he associated with in college, were left-wing, his mentor in Chicago was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, an avowed anti-Semite and anti-American socialist, and his close friend and person who launched his political career, was an admitted terrorist and radical socialist, Bill Ayers. These were the people he grew up with and who shaped his thinking up till he was first elected president. Shouldn’t these associations have been a pre-cursor as to what his policies would be as president?

Of course, these obvious associations and his core beliefs didn’t matter to the main stream media who embraced him as their “Messiah”, and to other like-minded radicals. They had a “double-header” in Obama, a person of color and a radical thinker who would try to “transform” America into their way of thinking in order to bring to America a form of European-style Socialism, a system that has been tried (the “nanny state“), but has failed miserably (look at countries of Europe today, most are on the verge of bankruptcy).

So my question at the beginning of my screed, would Obama be president today if he was white, deserves some critical evaluation other than just being a “racist” remark or question. A responsible observer of the passing scene would have no other conclusion but that the answer to that question would be “no”, and that we are suffering the consequences of that decision now and will for the next four years. It goes to prove that by electing Obama, the heart, in many cases, supersedes the brain, and we, the citizen, must endure the fickleness of the voting public, much to our chagrin and angst.

God bless the U.S.A.!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Stephen Austin said...

Do the libtards really believe that Obama would be president today if he was white? He wouldn't even have gotten the Democratic Party nomination over Hillary if he was white. Obama was hired because he was black, but he should be fired because he is now useless.

Austin Texas said...

If he were white Obama would have been impeached for Libya and other acts