Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eenie meanie mynie moe, who's the Racist of them all?

Accused of being racially bigoted is any Caucasian who dares criticize the President's blunders, and to any black conservative, they label him an Uncle Tom for assimilating into society for a better America.

The 'they' are the congressional black caucus, black radicals who want to get whitie and the guilt ridden rich white liberals from New York's upper west side, Malibu and any other liberal enclave of the pseudo do-gooders who patronize the poor, uneducated, chip on the shoulder nanny state domiciles, making themselves feel good. The 'they' in truth, are the greatest patrons of bigotry and racism against those who they accuse.

In a hypothetical scenario, if or when President Obama submits U.N. ambassador Susan Rice's name to congress for Secretary of State; predictably any attempt to secure the truth with an honest answer of what happened in the Benghazi debacle will be futile, with the left accusing Republicans of racial, gender and political motivation to beat up on a black women, affirms my personal belief and accusations stated above.

I hold in highest esteem Uncle Toms, such as Dr.s Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice and scores of other black Americans who didn't waste their time moping and blaming others for any plight they may have had. They didn't use up their energy wallowing in self pity. Instead, it was put to good use to show it can be done. Dreadlocks militants and skin heads are the garbage of society President Obama stirs up with his class warfare policies, dividing the country into what he thinks levels the field.

Human topography is no different than the geographic landscape. There are highs and lows. There are valleys and peaks, just as in the human condition. The panhandle is a flat stretch of real estate that can be called an even and level field. We all know what happened in the 30's with the dust bowl. The even and level field became arid and inhospitable. It was unproductive as far as the eye could see, because of the greed and ineptness of its custodians This is what will happen with Barack Obama's socialist vision.

Without incentives and sound judgment, the economy field will lay waste and not become fertile again until somebody who knows what he is doing intervenes. Money alone is not the fertilizer to bring it back. It needs the ingenuity of its people and trust in God. The President is stifling recovery by shutting down entrepreneurship topography by trying to make everything flat so no one rises above the other.

One stencil to paint all Americans the same is a disaster in the making and the end of individualism, tradition and morality. His plan melts good and evil together so no one will feel deprived or guilty for doing their own thing. He speaks of fair share only when it pertains to the successful. There are things other than money when speaking of fair share, so when is the bottom rung of society going to contribute to this fair share thing?

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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John Grillo said...

With Martin Luther King we had a dream, with Obama and his racist thugs from Chicago, we have a nightmare. Obama's vision of leadership is to take from the succesdsful to give to the unsuccessful - when you take something of value from someone to give to someone else who didn't earn it, that is a form of stealing, therefore Obama can be labeled our "Thief in Chief".