Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Barack Hussein Obama:

a petty person; a peevish president

Unfortunately, I’ve picked up a bad habit as a result of listening to the endlessly droning- on speeches of the just re-elected, President “Me-Myself-and-I”.

My bad habit is, that I often lapse into writing in the ‘first person’. For example: “I was taught early in life to expect and be tolerant of imperfections in my fellow man.”

Normally, that would be a good thing however, in the case of this President, tolerance of his royal imperfections push really hard at the limit of my tolerance. I have a few reasonable standards of character and behavior that I believe, I have every right to expect from a President of these United States.

For starters, I don’t expect him to pontificate as if he were the Pope.

I don’t expect my President to be snarky and so overly-impressed with himself that he feels it necessary to inject himself as the central figure in every situation he addresses. Case in point: Today, he droned-on far too long while speaking at the memorial service for the late Senator Inouye. He spent most of his speech attempting to bask in the reflected glory of the just-deceased, highly-decorated WWII veteran and 50-year member of the Senate. How unseemly for any president to usurp such a solemn and sad occasion to splash himself with the reflected honor of another man.

How one who has never worn the uniform of any one of our armed forces can so deliberately insult those who have and those who now wear the uniform, by arrogantly alluding to his nominal title as Commander-in-Chief, is equally unseemly. It is in spirit and in fact, egregiously unconscionable. But, that’s how he thinks of himself; that’s who he is.

Barack Hussein Obama is a pitifully small person. All too often, he comes off as a petulant juvenile. Predictably, he displays his ill-tempered side when he is confronted with his short-comings that include: a reluctance to make decisions even in the face of national security emergencies or matters concerning the life and death of U. S. citizens. He bristles at questions pertaining to his ugly, disgusting and blatantly anti-Semitic hatred for the State of Israel, its Prime Minister and elected representatives.

Plus, there is the enigma of his demonstrably professed love of all things Muslim & Islamic that is grossly out of all proportion when viewed in the context of Presidential conversation. We, that is the United States of America, are a nation that was founded and established based upon the Biblical principles of Judaism and Christianity. This President has set about to ‘fundamentally change America’ by use of the nefarious tactics of negating or intentionally ignoring those principles. Were the voters who were mesmerized by this articulate candidate of color and who elected this man in the first place, aware of what he meant by his mantra - ‘Hope & Change’?

What is more to the point at this writing, is whether these same voters who cannot help but be aware now of his true intent, are still so mesmerized that they are willing to accept the disastrous consequences of his re-election? Or, are they so clueless that they haven’t understood and still do not understand those consequences?

Among other terms that are explicitly descriptive and painfully accurate when making reference to the character of Barack Hussein Obama - - Vindictive, Hypocritical, Mean, Spiteful, Fearful, Narrow-minded, Contemptuous, Vengeful, Insolent, Belligerent and shamelessly Boastful.

Wow, that’s quite a litany of negative characteristics I’ve just laid out. One might ask, “Hey there Mort, haven’t you anything positive to say about Obama?” “NO.”

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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1 comment:

Al Serpe said...

Hey Mort, you forgot one of his most egregious characteristics....
he is an inveterate liar. It strikes me that he just stands for what he thinks other people will fall for, and they have.