Sunday, November 25, 2012

It Baffles My Mind!

There are certain things in this life of mine (and maybe yours) that I think are unfathomable and that baffles my mundane mind. Here are some examples that come to mind.

*How can you call someone in a foreign country and be connected to the number you called in a matter of seconds with no wires attached to the damn phone?

*How can that vehicle that you drive around in, be powered by a flammable fluid to propel it forward and backward without it catching on fire?

*How can a tiny camera be inserted in your body to observe the functions of some of your organs without hardly any pain at all?

*How can the leaders of our country continue to expand government spending and increasing the size of government, when we are now a debtor nation and cannot afford to continue the expense of these programs, and, if we continue, will someday put us on the same path of Greece and Spain, two economic basket cases?

*How could we have watched the Olympic games in living color in London this past summer as it was happening in all its splendor, intrigue, and excitement, just by flipping a remote control controlling our T.V.?

*How can people be so heartless and cruel to another human being by inflicting pain and suffering on that person just because they don’t agree with another’s politics, or religion?

*How do people who tatoo most every part of their body and put holes in their body for decorative purposes, rationalize the fact that someday, down the road, they will regret this “mutilation” of their bodies?

*How can an airplane with 200 passengers on board and thousands of pounds of luggage in its hold, take off and land with a 99.5% success rate year after year?

*How can we fathom how our “human wastes” are disposed of and handled without ever having the thought in our minds of how they could do it so efficiently and sanitarily?

*How could we send a rocket to outer space multiple times with humans as passengers, and have them return safely almost always to a specific location designated beforehand?

*How can certain high-profile entertainers and athletes, who make millions of dollars, piss away most of it so that they become future economic basket cases and eventually a burden to our society?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Houston Baby said...

Obama will make good on his promise to Bankrupt America and leave the next generation living in Greece Part 2. He really believes Americans want that because they stupidly re-elected him.

James Tringali said...

If ignorance is bliss, the Obama Zombies must be the happiest people alive. It strikes me that the liberals just stand for what they think other people will fall for. Too bad you don't need a license to be stupid - oh wait, maybe the liberals will want to tax that also.