Thursday, November 29, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

An open letter to Congressional Republicans

That would be ALL Republicans in the Senate and the House. This means YOU.

The Republican Party is supposed to be the ‘Party of Principles’. Anybody remember that? Or, didn’t you know about that?

For your education and edification, let me deign to alert you to a few facts, pesky things though they are:

1. Democrats lie; it’s in their DNA. It’s what they do.
2. Obama lies; it’s in every fiber of his scrawny, un-American, Muslim body.
3. Democrats hate Republicans and they love to point the finger of blame.
4. Obama hates Republicans, Americans, Israelis, all Jews and all the other people that the Muslim Brotherhood and the cult of Islam hate and are sworn to destroy.
5. If you go-along-to-get-along like the (R) establishment leadership, you are a coward, a creep and not worthy of election to public office, even as dog-catcher.
6. If you are really concerned about being called a Republican obstructionist, racist or any of the other choice monikers that Democrats call Republicans, without hesitation but, with no valid reason – then sorry Pal – it’s too late to grow a pair.
7. Obama, in case it has escaped your notice, has never ever accepted blame for anything he’s done that has failed – which is almost everything; including all his failed policies; obscene spending; his bullying tactics; his outright lies to the American people; his disgusting abuse of the perks of the Office of the President and his never-ending power grabs conducted under cover of darkness, enabled by his corrupt appointees. Oh, almost forgot: He killed Osama bin Laden (not).
8. Also, in case it has escaped your notice, Obama never fails to point the finger of blame toward any & all whom he finds to be the closest, most convenient targets, never at himself. That’s – never at himself. Never at himself. Nev-ah!
9. The Democrats seem to have discovered the precise location of the very raw nerve in (R)s who heaven forfend, simply cannot tolerate being called these derogatory names – even though they know very well the categorizations are wrong, false and undeserved. Good grief fellas and gals but, aren’t we the sensitive ones?
10. Questions? Did it ever occur to you – that means ANY of you, to tell Harry Reid to his ugly face that he is a vicious little shit? Did any of you ever consider when addressing Nancy Pelosi, to borrow the words Allen West used when addressing Debbie Whatevuh Schultz – “vile & despicable”? Have any one of you ever stood tall in the well of the Senate or the House and given back some of the vitriol continually spewed forth from the podium by those loud-mouthed Dems who are such hypocrites? Do you wear your Goody-two-shoes politically-correct behavior as a badge of honor? I view such pandering attitudes as a terribly embarrassing sign of bright-yellow COWARDICE. Don’t for a NY moment think that you are being viewed as noble because you ‘refuse to stoop to a strongly-worded rebuttal’ when responding to the Dem’s attacks. Because, you ain’t.

Be faux-noble on your own time, Senator. Be faux-noble on your own time, Congressman. When you are working for me, the one who helped elect you – here’s what I expect: courageous, principled representation; forthright statements at all times; leadership (from the front, if that’s not too much to ask); and above all – HONESTY !

If I’ve offended anyone, I’ve done my job.


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1 comment:

Ken Mitchell said...

Here's the Obama proverb: Live within your income, even if you have to borrow money to do so.
According to a liberal, hard work has a future payoff, but laziness pays off right now. All hail President Santa Claus.