Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Slinky President

No party has a monopoly on compassion for the needy. The neo liberal Democrats think it is exclusive with them and the duty of government to provide for the poor, going beyond our present tax system, introducing forced socialistic wealth distribution; whereas Republicans and conservatives view it as a combined effort between the government and private sector, consisting of religious groups, charitable foundations and private individuals to offer financial and humanitarian relief.

It was unfortunate how the Joe Biden type gaff made by Gov. Mitt Romney in referencing the 47% non tax payers gave the slimy spinners a chance to spew their garbage on the less knowledgeable who are the rabble within a group who want to grab whatever they can get, without putting effort to earn any of it. Another side of that 47 is a portion of poor who create conditions due to faults of their own and in essence, they should be classified with the rabble. Retirees and miscellaneous others who no longer have large enough income, requires the figure to be adjusted. The truly impoverished suffer by the greed of the dishonest.

The Governor recognized any effort to dissuade these groups out of any un- deserved entitlements by replacing them with policies to help them stand up on their own two feet and regain human dignity, just to get their vote would be futile, because President Obama has them in the bag with his nanny state agenda and the promise of more to come. By no means did this mean they would be ignored if he was to become president. It means the whole welfare and revenue system will have to be reviewed and evaluated as part of revamping the economy, if there is still time to save the nation from complete disaster and avoid another "Greek Tragedy."

Our President's creative economics hasn't created jobs, bring down the deficit or reduce the debt by raising taxes and spending more. His plan is a 'slinky' caught going down the up escalator and going nowhere fast.

After nearly four years of this "affirmative action" president who was given the office over more qualified contenders, the plight of the truly impoverished has not changed and their ranks are in danger of increasing if the uninformed, complacent, one issue young single female voter gives this charlatan another four more years to complete the dismantling of the greatest democracy and hope for the world the world has ever known.

If anything, the debates showed who the adults were in the game of politics, and the presidential demeanor of the candidates. Objectivity should make it easy to ascertain which one.

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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