Thursday, October 18, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Gratuitous advice from a failed Democrat Representative.

The Opinion page of today’s SunSentinel was sullied by a guest column ostensibly written by no less a literary lightweight than the very forgettable, former Representative from Florida’s District 22, Ron Klein.

His rant was titled, “GOP twists Obama’s Israel support”. I should have stopped reading right then. But, having watched Klein waltz through two terms while doing a sub-par job of representing the constituents of Dist. 22., I admit to a morbid curiosity to see what this failed ex-Congressman could possibly have to say.

His diatribe was a clumsy attempt to influence Jewish voters in this region to re-elect Obama. Indeed, it did appear as if he actually contributed some of his own views to this piece. Only he could put forth such a Swiss cheese case in support of Obama’s hateful and despicably hypocritical attitude regarding Israel, formerly our closest ally. The shopworn talking points he regurgitates are boring to the point that it is simply too painful a chore to read through them. It is vintage Ron Klein. Boring R us.

I have far better use for my time than jousting with the logic-challenged Herr KleinKlutz. While it would be mildly satisfying to refute all the lame rehashing of his hackneyed half- truths, crude & unproven innuendoes and his trademark, outright lies – I don’t need the exercise.

Untwisting this twisted character would be as much a waste of time as it was reading what the SunSentinel chose to print. Klein is what he is. My Mom always told me to, “Let lying dogs sleep” . . . I think that’s the way it went.

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