Thursday, October 4, 2012


Senior citizens are warned to be wary of scams. Many are trusting and not as sharp or alert as they were in their younger days, falling prey to con artists who find them easy marks. The Press often runs articles about this, and offer advise on how to avoid being a victim. Unfortunately, they fail to expose injustices perpetrated by our own government and scrupulous politicians, that can also be described and classified as scams, because many newspapers hold a liberal bias. I can speak on this issue as an independent senior who grew up in a family worshiping FDR and still considers Harry Truman as one of the most down to earth, honest presidents.

I don't know what happened, but what I see today scares me. This pre-election period is turning into one of the dirtiest in modern times. Particularly by one of the parties that is resorting to distortion and down right lies to scare us seniors.

Its members are being forced to confront third rail issues that have been avoided in the past, due to a controversial figure, Paul Ryan, chosen to run for vice president by the challenging party. Theirs is not a sweet sixteen party. We are talking about a sixteen trillion dollar debt, and still growing if nothing is done about it.

That should scare the bejeebers out of everyone and not just senior citizens. The only thing Pelosi's neo-democrats came up with is ObamaCare. It is a bill passed, with no one reading it, that is chaotic and very costly, versus a plan requiring some austerity, but will not break up the present medical system of Medicare that we seniors are on now.

Contrary to what you hear, we will not be affected, unless the seven hundred sixteen billion dollars hijacked out of it to finance ObamaCare creates a short fall that causes less compensation to providers, forcing them to raise their rates, or provide less services to make up for the loss of revenue.

For those fifty-five and under, it is better to have some of the pie than none at all. This is the problem we face if a fix is not tackled now. What I just said is fact and anything else iterated on the subject is a distortion of the fact.

Birds of a feather, flock together, so I'm urging fellow seniors who glue themselves to only MSNBC and the New York Times, be more objective and start mingling with other than your mahjong and bridge groups to broaden your horizons.

It is evident the proponents of ObamaCare wish to change the subject, away from our dismal economy and the failure of every plan this administration has put forth, with vicious, degrading personal attacks, injecting lies to defame their opponents. On one hand, they complain the presidential challenger, Mitt Romney pays only fourteen percent tax on his rather large income, and on the other hand, they accuse him of not paying any tax at all in ten years.

Calling him a dispassionate murderer of a woman who died of cancer six years after the fact, when the time frame does not compute with the accusation, putting him out the scenario entirely.

On another matter of accusing conservatives of waging war against women. What they are against is the ungodly use of abortion as another method of birth control and wanting the tax payer to fund their irresponsible discretions. They are not against women's' rights. They are against healthy pre-infant deaths! The havoc is just beginning and Chicago Central is working overtime to come up with more bigger and better whoppers of distortion to try to sink their opposition. The tactics are underhanded, so don't fall for the con game they are playing, because you'll be compromising your intelligence and screwing your children and grand children.

Another thing we seniors have to watch out for is yellow journalism, practiced by the so called mainstream media. The on target comments made by Gov. Mitt Romney, shortly after the terror attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt, was severely criticized by them because he pointed out the flaws in the administrations response, while the accusation of shooting first and then aiming can be attributed to the President, who went to sleep for an early wake-up call, to make his flight to Las Vegas, for yet another campaign fund raiser.

While this president's radical Islamic appeasements are stoking the fires charring ther Mideast, he found time to appear on Letterman and the idiotic 'The View'; but can't schedule talk with our staunches ally in the area, the prime minister of Israel. It is an affront to the Jewish community. Apparently his incomprehensible, inept expertise in foreign relations failures is seen by him as just another bump in the road. His foreign policy has more bumps than a bad attack of hives.

Voting against the branch office of this Chicago political machine in November will let them know we seniors are not all senile.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Gary Willison said...

The Village just called. They said they were missing their idiot. I gave them Obama's name for a replacement, I hope he doesn't mind? After the last debate, the Village might not want him back.

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