Friday, October 5, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Waah! I want my ‘Prompter’.

Last evening (October 3, 2012), the first of three Presidential debates was held in Colorado. President Failure looked as if he hadn’t slept in a month, had just been beaned by a 95 mph baseball pitch, and really wished he’d stayed in Las Vegas.

Whereas Mitt Romney looked relaxed, alert, fully prepared, brim-full of vitality and totally engaged in the process at hand. Obama looked edgey, disengaged and somewhat discombobulated. It was not the huffing & puffing, princing & prancing, show-biz rock star, preacher-man & side-show barker we’re used to seeing.

Obama’s responses to Mitt’s charges were delivered in what must have been the most halting, incoherent ramblings ever uttered by a sitting president. References made by Obama to his grandmother and to vague encounters with citizens along the campaign trail were so out of context with the questions at hand, that viewers across this nation surely must have been wondering if the broadcast was being jammed and edited by forces from outer space. It was weird. And, for Obama’s big $$ backers, it most certainly had to be painful to watch.

Round One: Romney 10 points; Obama 0.


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1 comment:

Frank Conlan said...

Before Obama came along we were hungry, now we are just fed up. The Obama campaign thugs from Chicago have tried to explain away Obama's poor debate by claiming that Romney "lied". If Romney did lie, why didn't Obama set the record straight, after all, he is the smartest person on the planet? Hey Obama, I heard that you have a very smart dog, too bad it doesn't run in the family.