Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MORT’s majority of one

“For the first time in my life, I’m proud to be ashamed of the President of the United States.”

I know, I know. The initial part of that statement has a familiar ring. It was plagiarized from the first notable quotable by that renowned patriot, Foist Lady Meeshell Obama.

Full disclosure however, compels this writer to take full responsibility for the entire title of this written wrant. (Look here Pal, it’s my article, I’m writing it and I can spell it anyway I please.)

Why would anyone of sound mind (This qualifier provides me with a bit of wiggle room.) ever be proud to be ashamed of this President? Let me count the ways – er, at least, several of them.

1. I’m ashamed of a man whom we’ve elected to the highest office in the land, whom we call the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who puts his political career above any concerns about the safety of the citizenry of this nation including, the brave men and women who serve in our military. That is unconscionable.

2. I’m ashamed of a man in whom we’ve entrusted our sacred Liberty and our national security, who has decided unilaterally, not to enforce long-established Federal laws regarding foreigners who illegally cross our borders to enter our country. And adding insult to injury, he has directed his Attorney General to bring laws suits against those States that have been most affected by the results of this catastrophic policy. He has taken them to court for passing legislation in their own states, that mirror the Federal laws, as they try to protect themselves against illegal invasions. How bizarre is that? I interpret that as a deliberate flaunting of the Constitution. How else can it be viewed?

3. I’m ashamed of a man in whom we’ve entrusted our Top Secret intelligence regarding national security and military secrets – who without apology, publically and proudly broadcast detailed intelligence about the clandestine operation that effectively ended the life and career of the world’s most notorious terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. For Barack Obama, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed

Forces of the United States of America to cavalierly take credit for himself, is ugly. But most egregiously, he put the lives of our best and brightest in the military plus the lives of their families, very much at real risk of terrorist reprisals. That is an act of high treason. Further, for such a crassly overt act to be committed by a sitting President of this nation – is quite simply the worst scenario – it is beyond forgiveness. Only his maker is equipped to render judgment and administer proper retribution. However, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that even that connection has somehow, been suppressed by an Executive Order.

So, it is with an everlasting shame directly resulting from his treasonous actions, that Barack Hussein Obama has dropped a most putridly odorous blanket of disgrace upon the Presidency. It will take generations following his ouster from office, to dissipate the stench.

Please Obama, no phony apologies. No faked contrition. No Teleprompter spin. Just leave. Do something positive for a change, GET LOST! Be gone! Go back to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and beg his forgiveness. We’ll even pick up the tab for a one-way flight between Washington, DC and Chicago on Air Force One. But, get out of town. And, never darken our TV screens, again. As was once famously uttered, “We don’t need your kind around here.”

Don’t forget your golf clubs and take that stupid dog with you. And oh, Mr. President, don’t let the back door to the White House, slam you in your jive-talkin’ ass.

Attention Voters: Want to try this again?


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Richard Kimball said...

Moochelle Obama and her elitist husband the, "Illegitimate Commander in Chief", are milking the office of President to the hilt. Million dollar vacations at exotic resorts, over 100 roumds of golf, more fund raising events than any other previous president, and on and on. This fraud in the White House hasn't met with his cabinet in almost a year and he hasn't met with his jobs council since the beginning of the year, and he says his main attention has been on creating jobs, what a joke. Before Barack and Moochelle came along we were hungry, now we are fed up.