Thursday, August 2, 2012


The more we get, the easier life gets and the more we complain. When we had less, when life was harsher and there was less of us, there was civility.

Recapturing a Norman Rockwell moment seems so remote, because the gentler life vanished in the muck of the sixties and a new generation that was conceived during Woodstock, emerging to tear down our traditions and now being brought to a crescendo by the present administration. Government Czars and liberal academia, products of that Woodstock era, perceive themselves as the engineers and creators of new traditions that excludes God and Judeo/Christian beliefs. They picture a world far removed from the Norman Rockwell image, because it offends their delineation of what America should be.

Manners and respect have been consigned to a back burner and taste in dress and entertainment emanate out of a trash bin. Evidence of this appears increasingly, as exemplified recently by some brain dead middle school students who harassed an elderly school bus monitor into tears with insensitive remarks. Incidents of ugly behavior are not rare and seem to be becoming the norm and we can point a finger of responsibility to irresponsible individuals in positions of influence, looking no further than government, the media and pampered members of entertainment.

It has never been so vital and important to be rational and not party loyal, before you cast your precious vote. On November 6th we have a chance to retrieve America from near disaster and bring God back into our lives. For you skeptics it is said, in war fox holes converted many an atheist and humbled them to a greater power than themselves. Some born again, wear religion on their sleeve that can be a detriment while others say it isn't cool to admit you believe in God. I wonder how many are afraid to admit they are believers because of this?

Conservative commentary by George Giftos


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Vern Benson said...

Did you ever notice that the most uncivil people are the one's who preach tolerance the most, but then show their true colors if you offer an opinion different than theirs? Yes, I'm referring to the liberal Democrats.

Atlanta Car Insurance said...

I would go as far as to say that was not only an attack on Christians but an attack on free Speech. The so-called Tolerant Left is the intolerant unless you bow to their wants not their needs.