Thursday, July 19, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

America’s ‘hard-working folks’.

Whenever I hear politicians refer to the ‘hard-working middle class’, my skin begins to itch. This over-used, often mis-used expression just seems to roll off their tongues with such ease.

There are of course, exceptions to every generalization. I’m quite certain that among those categorized as ‘middle class’, there are some folks who avoid hard work every chance they get.

I am equally confident that the same can be said about the ‘hard-working poor’. And for that matter, the same goes for the ‘hard-working rich’. But at least, the ‘hard-working rich’ are able to do their hard work in nicer, more comfortable surroundings than the other ‘hard-working’ groups.

I’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with many folks in each of these ‘hard-working’ categories. Been known to do some ‘hard-working’ myself however, have yet to reach the coveted category of, ‘hard-working millionaires’.

But, this is still America, the land of opportunity. And, I keep scanning the news for the obituary notice of a rich uncle who named me in his will to the tune of a few ‘mil’. So far, no luck. However, if that unlikely event should occur, I’d be obliged to join yet another ‘hard-working’ group – ‘the hard-working fortunate’. Seems there is no easy way to avoid belonging to one ‘hard-working’ group or another.

But, back to my original harangue: Politicians who constantly refer to ‘hard-working’ folks. I feel safe in ‘generalizing’ that the great majority of such self-serving jackasses will latch onto any phrase or expression they calculate is likely to ingratiate themselves to whichever audience is in front of them. Again generalizing – usually, the only thing that is hard-working about such blabbering ‘public servants’ is their rhetoric.

I rest my case. Now, back to something less challenging, like maintaining my proficiency at opening a bottle of cheap red wine with a ‘hard-working’ corkscrew.


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Gene Elliott said...

I guess you couldn't put our illustrious "Liar in Chief" down as a "hard-working" President ,as he hasn't worked at the job in over 3 1/2 years. His major claim to fame is that he has been campaigning for re-election ever since he was sworn in, and that he has attended more fundraisers than the last few Presidents combined. No wonder his Press Secretary said, as to why Obama hasn't attended a meeting with his Jobs Commission in 6 months, he has a lot on his plate, I guess like $35,000 a plate fundraiers with fat-cat contributors whom he has trashed relentlessly. Hard-working my ass.